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Children’s Health – Common Causes of Skin Rashes

If you’re parent, you will know that skin rashes are one of the most common health issues your children will face and they can be so darn irritating!

There are so many different things that can cause a skin rash and I’m going to list a few within this article.

Children's Health - Common Causes of Skin Rashes


Whilst sunscreen is a necessity on those hot sunny days, it can be the cause of skin rashes for many children.

Many parents don’t realise that a certain ingredient is the culprit. That ingredient is para-amniobenzoic acid (PABA), so before you buy your next bottle of sunscreen look out for this!

Children's Health - Common Causes of Skin Rashes


Standard lotions that contain fragrance, phthalates, parabens, and other ingredients can trigger eczema within children.

Symptoms of eczema include itching, dryness, red inflamed skin, peeling, flakiness and a few others. Fucidin H cream treats eczema really well and can also be effective for other skin rashes.

If you think a certain lotion is potentially the cause of the eczema, then speak to a paediatrician for recommendations around other more suitable lotions moving forwards.

Baby Wipes

These things are a miracle! As a dad of three kids, we’ve always got a huge stash of baby wipes in the house. They also have many more uses than just cleaning up the kids!

However, they can be the cause of skin rashes. Fragrances, alcohol and preservatives that are found in some types of baby wipes may trigger rashes.

We always buy the fragrance and alcohol free wipes, so if you suspect that your wipes are the cause of an unexpected rash then take a look at the ingredients.

Children's Health - Common Causes of Skin Rashes

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There are of course many other possible causes of skin rashes, too many of which to list here but these are three of the most common.

I hope this article has provided you with some useful information and things to check for if your child comes down with an unexpected rash!