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Planning A Birthday Party for Everyone to Enjoy

All the important things for a great kids’ party are here – from fun activities to food choice.

1. Choose a theme

Once you’ve decided what the theme is going to be, everything else becomes clearer. Give a couple of suggestions to your kid, but bear in mind their age, for example:

If your kid is 3-5, they will be delighted with themes like butterflies and bubbles – making egg-carton caterpillars and blowing bubbles would be perfect.

If your kid is 6-8, you will probably end up throwing a pirate, princess, Harry Potter or Frozen party.

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2. Decide on the guests

Ask your kid if they would like to invite the whole class or just a few friends. It would also dictate some of the activities you’ll be planning for the kids.

3. Invitations

Create fun for your kid even before the party – buy blank cards, and get crazy together with the glue stick, stickers and foil paper. Make sure the guests get the invitations at least two weeks before the party and check with a short phone call if they are coming.

4. Book entertainment

If you know you will need a magician, it’s better to make the call as soon as possible – you don’t want to disappoint your kid by saying that the entertainment has already been booked.

Planning A Birthday Party for Everyone to Enjoy

5. Make a list of supplies

You need to know what you already have at home, and what you need to buy or borrow. The list should include not just tablecloths, plates and cups, but also coolers, music and game and craft essentials.

6. Use the space

Basements are great party locations because they create a fun atmosphere very easily – just close the blinds, use tulle and twinkle lights for the windows or create an under-the-sea party by creating waves – hang twisted streamers on the ceiling.

7. Have fun with the food

The food can also be a part of the decoration and create fun. Prepare trays of mini cupcakes or muffins. You can also frost them with icing or cream cheese. If you opt for bowls, fill them with colored sugar, sprinkles, and mini chocolate chips.

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8. Goody bags

Goody bags are always fun, no matter what you put in them. The kids will love the feeling of surprise, so forget about putting expensive items in them – a bottle of bubbles or a box of sidewalk chalk will do the trick. Use a decorated bag and tie it with a bright ribbon.

9. Craft activities

Just so you know, girls always enjoy this more than boys, so you need to have alternative activities ready, too. If the kids are no more than 5 years old, let them color and put stickers to foam tiaras and cardboard party hats, of course with the help from their parents.

If they are older, you can cover a table with a paper tablecloth and let them write birthday messages or just doodle something with a fabric marker so that you can keep it as a memory.

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10. Memories that will last

If you want to take the party to a higher level, hire a professional that will decorate the children with face painting or washable tattoos. Many kids will love this idea. Also, many parents are opting for GIF booth hire Sydney based companies because they offer many great ideas for kids that can keep them entertained for quite some time and allow them to have a lasting memory.

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11. Don’t forget the parents

No matter whether you are organizing the party indoors or in your backyard, you should have a specific place for the parents. If it’s an outdoor party, they could have a barbecue in the corner of the backyard while watching the kids. If the party is indoors, try to find a room where they can all be gathered and provided with “adult” food and drinks.

Be prepared to be tired when it all ends, but don’t forget to enjoy the process yourself! After all, it’s you who made it all possible!

Author Bio: Jessie is a passionate blogger and home designer. She loves writing about tips and tricks that make every home a better place, inside and outside. Besides this, she loves sports, outdoor activities and spending time with her close ones.