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Summer of Football: Planning a Party

With one of the biggest sporting events just around the corner, I’m sure many of you are looking to plan a party. I absolutely love football and always look forward to to the World Cup.

It’s one of the best times to organise a party because even people who aren’t excited by football can enjoy themselves.

However, planning a party can be a daunting task so I’ve put together a few things to keep in mind when planning your World Cup party.


Russia is the destination this year so along with English flags, you could purchase a few Russian flags too. Grab some balloons in the colours of your favourite teams and a few footballs.

You could also purchase a few face painting kits such as these from Snazaroo which can be found in Tesco for a very reasonable £2.99.

Summer of Football Planning a Party

A few of these little packs will keep the kids entertained along with some of the adults!


One major thing to ensure you’ve thought about are the snacks! You could whip up some treats that double up as decor!

Maybe some football themed cupcakes as an example to get your inspiration flowing!

Summer of Football Planning a Party

Ensure you’re set up for the event … TV Screens etc

Make sure you don’t forget the most important element of your football party, the TV! Also, make sure there is plenty of seating around for your guests.

You will need to clear a good amount of space for when a goal is scored!

Setup a Sweepstake

Most people enjoy a cheap and cheerful bet on the World Cup so why not get people to predict what they think the scores will be for each game on during your party.

You could ask for £1 per guess and then split the money between the winners at the end of the night! This will make it more exciting for everyone, even those not that interested in football!

I hope these tips have helped you on your way to planning an awesome World Cup party!