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5 Tips for Staying Safe Online

There are more than 4 billion people using the internet worldwide and that number is only set to increase over the coming years.

This means that knowing how to keep safe online is really important because there are many risks involved! Whenever you visit a website or connect with a person, your online connection gives your computer address to the person or website involved.

This is known as your public IP address and this allows the website/person your connecting with to send the information in the correct format. This IP address can be tied back to your home address which many people aren’t aware of.

There are many other risks involved when being online and I’m hoping this post will help you stay safe!

5 Tips for Staying Safe Online

Use a Proxy Server

Put simply, a proxy server allows you to use the internet via a different IP address to your own.

There are a few reasons as to why you might want to use a proxy for example, if you wish to look at something online but don’t want it to be traced back to your location or address.

It can be difficult to use a proxy server without some guidance so before you go ahead and look to use them, seek some help!

5 Tips for Staying Safe Online

If you want to step it up, an anonymous IP address database serves as a crucial tool for safeguarding against fraudulent activities by identifying and flagging suspicious or potentially harmful online behaviors.

You could also use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) as these are believed to be much more secure.

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Only Shop on Encrypted Sites

When shopping online you will be entering card details and other personal information via the websites you use. To ensure your details aren’t compromised, always use encrypted websites.

Look for the little padlock within the address bar and if it’s present then your safe but if not then i’d steer away from buying anything!

5 Tips for Staying Safe Online

Check Your Settings

If you haven’t already, take a look at your privacy settings on your social media accounts. You want to make sure that only friends and family can see your personal information.

Also, urge your friends and family to check their settings because and information you’ve given to them could be compromised via their accounts.

5 Tips for Staying Safe Online

Don’t Open Emails From People You Don’t Know

This one may seem obvious but I’ve seen people scammed via email where they’ve shared their personal details leading to money being stolen from them.

One way to avoid this all together is to never open an email from someone you don’t know or an email address that you don’t recognise.

Another rule of thumb is to never click on any links within emails. If you’re unsure whether the email is legitimate then don’y click anything and you won’t be compromised!

Use Unique and Strong Passwords

Whenever signing up to an account online ensure the website is legitimate firstly but also make sure that your password is strong and unique. This is especially important if your card details are associated with the account.

Try to use uppercase and lowercase letters along with numbers and symbols if possible because this will make it much safer.

Avoid using generic passwords such as ‘12345’ or just ‘password’ as these are not safe at all.

I really hope you take something away from reading this post today and that you stay safe online!