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Send Your Kids On A Bug Hunt

Many children are scared of bugs and my daughter Maisie definitely falls into that category! Anytime she spots a tiny little fly or the smallest of spiders, she runs of screaming.

I must admit that I don’t help the situation when it comes to bees and wasps because I do the same ….

Anyhow, WhizKidsLab got in touch about a new range of products they’ve launched and I was quite excited. They kindly sent us a set of 4 bugs encased within clear acrylic blocks, a small magnifying glass and a fun facts poster – you can see them here on Amazon.

Bug Hunt - 4 Bugs Encased In Clear Acrylic

Upon opening the package, I seized an opportunity to make my daughter Maisie jump out of her skin by pretending the spider was real … as you can imagine, she ran a mile! Jokes aside, she was actually really interested in the bugs which I was surprised by.

She was drawn to the Scarab beetle because of it’s amazing colour and our younger daughter, Evie, was drawn to the spider.

The fun facts poster is also really great and has some interesting information on it!

Bug Hunt - Fun Fact Poster

This got me thinking … it would be great to get Maisie outdoors, searching for bugs so she can see that there is really nothing to be scared of.

So I thought I’d share some bug hunting tips to get you started!

Bug Hunting Tips

Hunting for bugs is a great way to teach children how to search for, capture and care for bugs. Here are some tips when it comes to hunting for bugs.

  • Use something sweet like a banana to attract bugs. You can either place this on the ground or on the bark of a tree. Wait for a little while to see which different bugs appear.
  • Look under large stones and rocks as bugs like to hide in dark, damp places.
  • As bugs also like to rest in trees and bushes, you could place a white sheet underneath and shake the tree/bush gently to see what bugs drop.
  • Once you’ve found some bugs, make sure you have a clear jar handy as this will allow for closer examination of the bugs with the use of a magnifying glass. Just make sure you are always careful and put the bugs back where they came from!
  • You could also use a spoon to capture the bugs if you or your kids don’t want to handle them.
  • The handy fun facts poster from WhizKidsLab would also come in handy because it will allow children to attempt to identify different types of bugs themselves
Bug Hunt - Fun Facts Poster - 1

I hope these tips have been useful and I really do urge you get get your kid outside hunting for bugs so they can learn and have a great time whilst doing so!