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Love Your Garden But Hate Gardening? This is For You.

Gardening – everyone can appreciate a pretty garden or a little sun-soaked nook, but not everyone loves gardening. So how do you find a middle ground that gives you the oasis that you want without any of the ongoing hard work?

Here are a couple of tips to get you started on creating your own piece of paradise.

Love Your Garden But Hate Gardening This is For You.

Grass Patches

Grass not only looks great, but the green gives us a nice boost of calm. And while it might be tempting to rip it all out and replace it with slabs, you could consider some fake grass. Not only is it easier to clean, but it required no trimming, no treatments and no fuss.

So once you have it laid, you can forget about it altogether. New Lawn has a stunning range that can be fitted with ease.

To help keep this area neat, consider adding in edging solutions. They look smart and will lend a ‘finished’ look to the garden.

The alternative to artificial grass is, of course, letting the grass grow as it pleases in some areas.

Pick Tough Plants

Here is where it can start to feel a little bit tricky, but actually with a bit of research, there will be no problems at all.  Every country and then state or county has a range of plants that are native to it. They will be the easiest to grow and maintain.

After that, think about some evergreens, and perennials. Once you have them mapped out on the edges of your garden, or even in some beautiful pots, they will come back year on year without you having to do anything.

Geraniums, pansies, daffodils and tulips will come back year on year with no fuss. They look spectacular, and you can count on them to brighten up your space without much fuss.

Keeping them trimmed back won’t take long and is much better than needing to plant and wait while hoping for the best all the time.


Low maintenance gardens can still be good for the environment too. You can dedicate a ‘messy’ patch to wildflowers and help feed our little furry bee friends. Not only will this give you the perfect excuse to let those blooms go wild, but they look stunning and can be very aromatic too.

Decorative Touches

Once you have decided which areas will be grassy, and which won’t, you can bring in the gorgeous garden touches.

A bench or seating area will mean you can always head out and work or relax.

Large plant pots with fruit trees, or smaller fruit bushels, will fruit every year will a little bit of watering and look gorgeous while they’re flowering.

If you have kiddos, this is the perfect excuse to get them involved in the garden too. Sweeping up the path, building bug houses and bird boxes will add a personal touch to the space without too much effort. While the sweeping can be more of a game than a chore also!

When it comes to creating a relaxing garden space, just think about what will be the right balance for you.