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Remodeling Your Bathroom? You Need to Get an Electric Shower

Electric showers are made to help you manage your monthly electricity and water bills without affecting your comfort. It is built to heat water based on demand; “power” shower enables you to have a consistent flow of water – it doesn’t matter the amount of people waiting to shower. They are many electric shower models available on the market; however, selecting the best electric shower thats right for your bathroom can be a confusing task. So in this buying guide, we will explain further on how electric showers function and everything you need to know to make an informed buying decision.

How Do Electric Showers Work?

A traditional shower or a mixer shower, functions by adding cold and hot water together from different pipes. Both streams merge together to supply your water as cold or hot as you prefer.

Mixer showers can sometimes be difficult to control (if someone runs or flushes water somewhere else in the same building, the water from the shower gets hotter or colder). The hot water is drawn from a tank. The tank can run out of water quickly if it is not big enough. And if you run out of hot water, waiting for the tank to fill up will be the only option. Some may be pondering: Isn’t these showers unsafe? After all, electricity and water combined together tends to be dangerous.

But if installed perfectly, then they are very safe for use. Its heating element is bounded in its sealed unit, and also, the water doesn’t collide with electricity.

How Water is Heated with an Electric Shower

Power showers function similarly to various other electronic heating appliances. The heating element can be connected directly to the shower unit or inside a water heater that supplies the shower – either can be installed and maintained by a Water Heater Installation Milwaukee company. To get it heated up, an electric current is transferred through a metal, which is referred to as a heating element. The said metal piece is built with a high degree of resistance, which gets it heated up as electricity passes through it. As the cold water passes through the element, it gets heated up and is pressured out of the shower.

How does an electric shower function?

Houses with high water pressure are suitable for power showers. The shower unit is meant to reduce the water pressure naturally as it passes through, so houses with very little pressure may not fully benefit from the shower.

Note: If the water pressure in your home isn’t high enough, the best option is to purchase a power shower that makes use of an electric pump in boosting water pressure. The pump, thus, makes use of 3-5 times the level of electricity which ordinary showers consume.

Temperature Controls

The best thing concerning electric showers is that the thermostat can be adjusted to a preferable temperature, so your shower can never be too cold or too hot. Various models come with an inbuilt temperature dial and with a marked scale that goes from red to blue. With fundamental electric shower nozzle, the dial regulates the quality of water that passes through the element. The higher the quality of the water, the hotter its temperature gets. 

Latest models make use of a water mixing tank, thermostats, flow censors and pressure-balancing valves which helps in maintaining the needed water flow and temperature. Maintaining water temperatures can sometimes be challenging, especially in the summer and winter when the temperature outside skyrocket or plummet respectively. With the correct setup, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between an electric and a conventional shower – except from the infinity output of hot water. If you are aiming to save on your electricity bill and water, an electric shower will be very effective in this instance. 

In a very busy home, choosing the best electric shower is a much greater choice than showers that rush from a big cold-water tank. Electric showers make sure that a hot shower is made available to every member of the family, anytime they are in need of one. They no longer need to wait around every morning just because your other members have made use of all the hot water, or have to bath at night just to stay away from such a scenario.

Hot Water Any Time

There was once a time you have to centrally heat the whole water in your household, this is usually done via a boiler. This indicated that the whole water was heated in a single place and then got distributed around through several pipes. This usually caused a long wait to get hot water and, if your family is a large one, it is also possible to drain the hot water before the whole family get a shower. Electric showers thus, functions in a very different way. It gets the water inside its control box heated, right before a shower is taken. This signifies that problems pertaining to the lack of hot water are fixed.

Energy Efficient

As the water in a shower is warmed just when it is required, it gives a significant advantage in bringing down the utilization of energy. Numerous conventional boilers need to warm an entire tank of water, which will eventually get cool little by little squandering a lot of energy. By introducing an electric shower, just water you use is warmed so a few family units could save money on vitality costs. 

Low Pressure

On the off chance that you live in a home which experiences low water pressure, this can make showering tricky. Electric showers work off the primary cool water supply, autonomous from your high temp water framework, so as long as this is sufficient, they can take care of the issue of low pressure. 

Installing an Electric Shower 

When introducing an electric shower, if your recent shower is a like for like substitution of your current shower, a handyman can help you install it. When installing a totally new shower, or minimizing the kilowatt rating, or you are upgrading, at that point a Part P enrolled electrician should survey the electrical cabling.

Buying Electric Showers

When you are purchasing a new shower, you should consider a few different things. The most essential decisions should be the kilowatt grading of your new shower. Three options are available for this: 10.5kW, 9.5kW and 8.5kW. The better the kilowatt rating, the more the hot water flow degree will be.

You should also consider the cosmetic look and size of the shower. Showers are made in a range of colors, finishes and sizes, so it’s a case of personal choice as to which one you select for yourself.