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The Joy of Having a Baby in Bangkok

Expectant mothers across the world all have one burning desire, that is to do the best for their child. Preparation and planning for the upcoming birth of a child requires diligence on the part of the expectant parents. Care of mother and her newborn must never be compromised, it must always be of the highest standard.

Pre-natal, delivery and post-natal planning and care, should be administered by skilled practitioners using modern techniques in a modern environment. All expectant parents have different thoughts and desires for the birth of their child. As such, each birth should be planned individually with unquestionable compassion and understanding. But, what sort of care can they expect, and who should they trust with the delivery of the most precious gift life can offer?

Natural birth programs

Across the country, the majority of newborns are delivered naturally. Parents should look for a natural birth program that takes a comprehensive view of the pre, and post-natal experience.

A natural birth program should provide qualified gynecologists, anesthetists and neonatal technicians. Qualified and experienced specialists is not only essential for the successful birth of the child, but also to provide peace of mind for the expectant parents.

Delivery rooms should be modern, with up to date equipment to aid in the birthing. It must be fully serviced by competent staff to monitor the mother and baby during the delivery. In addition to the necessary equipment and staff, the correct array of drugs should always be on hand to cover any eventuality, and ready to be administered by qualified practitioners.

Both, mothers and babies should expect to have full blood tests. Newborns should have a complete brain scan to ensure full cognitive functionality. The newborn infant will have its heart rate monitored continuously during the first vital hours of life, ensuring baby’s heart is functioning properly.

The newborn child must be given a thyroid function test. This is to ensure that the thyroid gland is producing sufficient levels of thyroxine. This hormone is vital for the growth and development of the baby’s body and brain.

Parents should expect their newborn baby to have a hearing test. This is done by placing small earphones in the ears, through which sounds are played. The brain’s responses are then monitored, via electrodes on the baby’s head, to ascertain that the brain is responding correctly to the audio stimulus. In addition to this, an electroencephalogram will check baby’s general responses to visual and tactile stimuli.

In addition to all this, the mother must be comfortable with the accommodation. The peripheral and personal care from the nursing staff provided by the hospital must be of the highest standard. New mothers are, and need to feel, special. The room in which they stay should feel homely and secure for themselves and their baby. The accommodation must provide everything they need to ensure their comfort, and the food and drinks menus must be appealing and nutritious.

All of these elements, and more where necessary, should be planned. This must be done through consultation between the parents and hospital staff, so as to agree on a natural birth program which will deliver the very best professional care with comfort and security.

Cesarean Section Programs

In Thailand, the rate of cesarean births has risen significantly. The World Health Organization stated that in 2018 the cesarean birth rate had reached 35%. This is against their ideal stated rate of between 10 and 15%. This increase has been attributed to several factors.

Due to a greater level of affordability, some expectant mothers opt for a cesarean section simply to avoid the pain and discomfort of childbirth. Greater affordability of cesarean sections has also helped in avoiding potential birthing complications that may be predicted from a natural birth.

Superstition is also playing a part in the rise of cesarean section births. Many prospective parents view auspicious dates on the calendar as desirable on which to give birth to new life. It is common for parents to wish for a baby to be born on the date of the king’s birth, or that of a revered ancestor.

When opting for a cesarean birth, parents should look at all the elements previously stated, but with more pre-planning focusing on their choice of delivery. Prospective parents that have an insurance policy covering childbirth must contact their insurance company to clarify their cover in respect of an optional cesarean birth.

A cesarean birth is very likely to require greater post-natal care and a longer stay in hospital. Quite obviously this will increase the cost which will need to be considered by those without the necessary insurance cover.

If choosing an auspicious date for the birth of a child the parents must make this very clear from the outset. The particular date can then be incorporated into the overall care and delivery plan.

Regardless of the choice of delivery, parents should ensure that their newborn baby receives its first BSG dose and the hepatitis B vaccination as part of the plan. They will also want to be sure that their child is monitored by 24-hour security. Many hospitals now have tracking systems for newbornswhich monitor their movements throughout the nursery unit.

How to Choose a Hospital

All prospective parents must feel comfortable and confident in their choice of hospital. Do your homework. Select a hospital that has the backup and security of a well-established group with a track record of accreditation. Bangkok has numerous hospitals that are respected and accredited nationally. The city also has a few which are world renown, and have international accreditation going back numerous years.

A hospital with this level of respect is by far the best choice for expectant mothers, and subsequently their newborn child. One world renown hospital group is the Samitivej Hospitals. Skilled practitioners, national and international accreditationfor more than 10 years make this hospital group the city’s favored choice for personal birthing plans. Samitivej delivery programs for 2019 can be checked out here. Parents should not accept less.