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4 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Van Insurance

If you are a working dad and need your van for work every day, it is something that you and your family just can’t live without. However, insurance can cost a lot of money, which means your van insurance should be the first place you start if you are trying to cut costs and save money.

If you have noticed that your insurance premiums are getting higher each year you’re not wrong, as recent research has found that van owners pay twice as much on average as car owners do for their insurance, and renewal quotes are invariably higher than the price you paid the year before. The higher premium is to cover that additional risk as most vans are work vans that are constantly on the road. The premium can be reduced by keeping to named drivers or if you must have any driver choose an any driver over 25 policy which will be cheaper than an open any driver van policy. Compare the price of any driver polices with comparative sites like Multiquoteime for UK  and NI drivers only.

Despite the costs, getting the right van insurance is essential and many affordable and reliable van insurance companies are out there looking for our business – you just need to know how to find the right cheap van insurance deals. So, we have put together these tips and advice on how you can reduce the cost of your van insurance.

Whether you use your van for your own business or to get to and from work, you can’t afford to not save money where you can!

Shop Around for the Best Deals

One of the best ways to reduce your spending costs is to always shop around and look at what better deals are out there. With our insurance, we tend to stick to companies that we have heard of or who we see advertised on TV, but it is important that you keep an open mind and look at what deals are around from less well-known providers. There are so many insurance companies, which means the extra competition can help to reduce prices. Fortunately you don’t have to go contact every single van insurance company there is looking for the best van insurance deals, as Quotezone will do it for you. This helpful and informative comparison website looks at the best deals from numerous van insurance providers to help you find the right deal for you. 

Improve Your Van’s Security

You may find that the cost of your van insurance is reduced if you improve the overall security of your van, as it will bring your premiums down. You should consider adding security features such as a steering wheel lock, and an immobiliser to your van to make it more secure and decrease the risk of it being stolen. Your van should also be parked in your driveway or garage during the night as opposed to being left on the street, as this will decrease the risk of theft or damage – especially with the extra security of a fitted Van Alarm System. It is important to remember that the lower your calculated risk, the less you will pay in insurance. 

Cover Your Tools

If you use your van for work, you probably have tools and equipment stored in it overnight. Therefore, it is important that you have good coverage when it comes to contents cover. While it can be tempting to go for the cheapest insurance plan with poor content coverage, you should remember that it may end up costing you considerably more if you lose all your tools that you need for work. 

Use Your Van for Advertising

If you use your van for work, then you should use your van for advertising purposes. By having your business name printed on the side of your van, you will not only benefit from being seen by additional customers when driving around, but thieves will generally avoid vehicles that are unique and easy to identify. 

The cost of van insurance can soon add up, so it is important that you do your research and use helpful comparison sites to cut costs wherever you can.