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5 Home Improvement Ideas That Add Sizzle to Your Curb Appeal

With so many properties on the market nowadays, you have to make yours really stand out from the rest if you want to sell it fast. Never downplay the power of curb appeal at reeling in potential buyers and generating interest in your home.

After all, no one wants to tour a home that looks dingy and neglected from the outside, much less purchase it. So what can we as homeowners do to increase the curb appeal of our homes?

Well, some simple tips and tricks can really make a huge difference in the curb appeal of your home with minimal investment in either money or time.

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Stimulate Emotions with Colors

Colors play an important role in our senses and emotions. The warm colors (orange, yellow, and red) build excitement, and fun, while cool colors stimulate relaxation, calm, and peace.

A fresh coat of paint in neutral and appealing colors can create brightness, and interest while revitalizing the overall look of your abode. Choosing a bright color will make your house pop. However, don’t overdo the paint of your house with bright colors as it can become irritating to the eyes.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an essential feature that adds appeal, security, and safety to the exterior of a home. If you’ve got your house for sale, make sure you offer an array of lighting options. For instance, lighting around the perimeter of the home, flagpole lighting, accent lighting that illuminates a walking path, or an overhead porch light.

Landscape and Spruce Up the Grounds

A defined yard with flowerbeds and edging can improve your abode’s curb appeal dramatically. Trimming bushes and shrubs to ensure that windows and doors are not covered makes the property look neat and more attractive. Increase your curb appeal by creating colorful planting beds, or even hiring professional landscapers from Triton Landscaping to help transform your outside space and neaten up existing elements, or install new ones such as a new patio or retaining walls.

Add vibrant color by planting perennials, ornamental grasses, and vines in garden areas. Creating the right flow and look throughout the yard can create an edge over other homes on the market and increase your property’s value. Perhaps even think about cleaning up the walkway to your house or your driveway by doing some Pressure Washing to clear up any dirt. This will for sure improve the curb appeal of your home. 

Retaining walls Perth are essential for stabilizing landscapes, preventing soil erosion, and creating visually stunning outdoor environments.

Something that is often overlooked is taking good care of your trees! There are companies that will take care of this for you such as – https://www.treeserviceremoval.com/arborist-service-near-me/

Treat Your Windows Right

One way to add value is to add character. Nothing says character like new blinds, shades, and curtains. Although there are some costs involved, these upgrades can definitely make your house more appealing to potential buyers.

If you are planning on selling your home soon, go for attractive colors and high-quality materials. Keep the color scheme unbiased to avoid imposing your decorating tastes on future homeowners.

You can also decorate your windows by adding architectural details. Adding decorative brackets and moldings will make the exterior of your house pop.

If your sidings or windows are in need of serious help you may want to look at renovation or replacement in order for your home to really stand out from the crowd and be ready to sell. Companies like Siding & Windows Group – a siding and windows company in Chicago can transform your siding and will have windows in a selection of energy-efficient materials and gorgeous styles for you to choose from.

Adding new windows can be expensive. That’swhy learning to budget for such home improvements is so key. The most common money mistakes people make is not having a weekly or monthly budget, ignoring any money issues you may have, and not having an emergency fund for any problems that arise. Learn how to budget now to afford these home improvements and you will find the process much more straightforward and less anxiety-inducing.

New Guttering and Downspouts 

Gutters and downspouts hanging asymmetrical make the entire house look messy and make any potential buyer wonder what else is falling apart. Seeing this from the curb will likely make your “buyers” cross your property off their list.

If your property has old guttering, the odds are it’s also suffering from rust spots, and peeling paint, which signifies a sense of neglect. Swap old systems with new guttering that conveys an unmistakable look of quality and attractive curb appeal. You’ll be surprised at just how cheap this quick fix can be too, with online suppliers like EasyMerchant offering next day delivery.


For most folks, their home is an emotional as well as a financial investment. When you are trying to improve curb appeal, walk around your house. Think about what you like about the appearance and what sticks out as unappealing.

Even if, the imperfections are minor, they could create negative curb appeal. By improving curb appeal, you can increase the value of your property. Making it a more pleasant place to live in or increase its value if you decide to refinance or sell.