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Ten ways to improve your interior lighting

Interior lighting in normal circumstances is the most overlooked element. We generally concentrate more on the décor and space, both interiors and exteriors. Light is ‘the one’ element that has all the ability to transform one’s mood along with changing the whole essence of the décor. You do not have to spend all your savings on the same. With the upheaval of modern technology, the concept of indoor lighting has taken a new turn! Right from modern-day LED bulbs that could be used in various statement lighting pieces as a part of your décor, to various light fixtures, everything is available in their respective retail outlets.

We have got you ten ways to improve your interior lighting. They are not pocket-pinching but will give your heavenly abode a peaceful feeling brimming with positive vibes. The detailed look at these excellent lighting design notions will aid you in transforming your living space.

Impressive central lighting

Go for a remarkable central lighting fixture, complementing the décor. If you have a traditional room with ample floor space, then a stylish and chic looking chandelier fitted with LED light bulbs stands as a good option. The whole thing will fill the room with a sense of serenity. A dimmer-switch will assist you in giving your room the mood your desire.  The dimmer switch comes along with the stylish chandelier of today so that you do not have to stress yourself while operating every time from the main switchboard. It brings us to the next interior lighting design.

Wall lighting fixtures

The main advantage of small light fixtures is that you can angle the light fixture by your requirement while manning the same from all directions. These wall lighting fixtures turn very useful, when in need of low-level light. In the recent boom in the market of modern technology, you can easily find the wall-lights matching your centerpiece chandelier. Try getting hold of an expert electrician, who will assist in fixing the same, without making the rooms unimpressive. You can also install LED icicle lights from Bright Lightz to give a “fringe lighting” effect.

Illumine your artifacts

If you are the proud possessor of antique huge-sized paintings or figurines, then do not think twice before highlighting them. Purchase a few small light fixtures and hang them on top of the pictures or figurines. Illuminate them with the dim-lights, to emphasize their features.

Planned pedestal  lamps

Spent on buying pedestal lamps with curved features, which will help in highlighting the room’s nooks and crevices. They turn out to be very efficient and attractive interior light. Plugged easily into the wall socket, so you do not have to tax yourself much. Apart from this, no extra expenses are required. These sort of planned pedestal lamps are readily available at various home furnishing retail outlets and is commonly visible at modern homes.

Fix Mood-Lighting

For all the four seasons, dimmers deliver a significant impact with their subtle hues. Smart LED light bulbs or else simpler and cheaper color bulbs makes quite a difference. You might be craving for mood-lighting in the interiors, especially in your bedroom and living room. The LED night light can be a good option. They come with various stylish designs on the market. Thus they are available in varieties. And, there is something for everyone. Always remember of not over-doing the interiors with too many bright lights. For instance, a crimson red-lit room will finally end up looking too loud! Team, your room colors wisely and utilize them separately, highlighting the rooms’ features. A very easy and budget-friendly mood-lighting catered in the cooking space or any anteroom.

Sculptured wall-sconces

There is so much to experiment with and find out from the modern lightings. It is like a treasure hunt, with a variety of choices. The sculptured wall-sconces are very stylish and look elegant. You can fix them as up-lighters or as standard wall lights. The corners of the rooms neglected during lighting designs. Thus, with the aid of some designing spree and an elegant-looking scone, the square corners can resonate with life!

Natural light source

How can the natural light source get overlooked! Windows act as excellent room feature, and when draped expertly, they ought to help natural light stream brighten up the interiors. You can always balance the natural light source with your lamps and bulbs, to create a warm and constant glow.

Lamp-shades variants

Lamp-shades are available easily in home furnishing retail outlets. They can be found in various color shades, while the lighter ones help in diffusing the light widely. If you buy a dark-hued lamp-shade, then it tends to focus on one particular surface. Go in for vibrant color and pattern, once you are -decorating your whole house.

Lighting Regulator App 

In modern-day’s time, smartphones or tablet apps come as a boon in disguise. You can control your home’s interior lighting with the help of a single button! Many such apps have settings, as defined by you. With just a single switch, your interior lights can transform into a ‘dinner theme’ or ‘wakeup theme.’

Illumine the entrance 

Safety and convenience come as a top priority, apart from the concept of beautiful lighting. If your house has a dark hallway, install modern floor lamps to illuminate the whole space. You feel blessed, as the entrance will be much more comfortable and secured.

Happy lighting

Getting the appropriate lighting effect is about using various sorts of light fixtures while keeping in mind the décor of the rooms, rest-rooms, and kitchen. The light fixture should always fit the room decor while complimenting each other. The above discussed ten ways have hopefully given you some worthwhile lighting design notions. Try implementing the same wisely, yet keeping the expenses in mind. These notions will help you light up your living space and bedroom, with the best possible effect. So, happy lighting!!!

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Derek Edison Is an Interior Decorator and a passionate writer who loves to write about creating aesthetic and ambient living environment for everyone. He focuses on sharing ideas and techniques learnt from his experience as an Interior Decorator in a concise manner so that it can be used by everyone to make their surroundings beautiful to live in.