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Why Everyone in the US Needs a Benelli M2

Some weapons are designed for one thing, whether that be competition shooting, home defense, concealed carry defense, or hunting. However, guns are becoming more and more versatile, even shotguns. With that being said, there are certain weapons that are great for a variety of uses, whether that be home defense, skeet shooting or even just going to the range or competition shooting. One of these is the Benelli M2, which is a great option for everyone to own.

For the Home

There’s no doubt that there’s a rise in crime, which means that people are looking for ways to protect themselves, whether they are out and about in the city or at their homes, which is supposed to be a safe haven. Homes are only as safe as we create them to be, and one of the ways to increase safety is by adding a Benelli M2 to the home arsenal. This shotgun is a great choice for men and women because it features a ComforTech recoil reduction, which can help limit impact and soreness from having to fire the weapon.

Everyone who’s fired a gun before knows there is always some form of recoil, but with this technology, it is not as noticeable and won’t affect your shot or hurt your shoulder. Not only that, but the M2s are lightweight, with most weighing in under 8 pounds! This is great for someone who may need to grab the shotgun quickly in the middle of the night, and not have to lug something heavy. The M2 is not a good choice for carrying around during a night out, but you can rest easy each night knowing that, in case of emergency, you have a protection plan that will function as needed.

For the Range

More and more people are taking their place on the range and yelling that iconic “pull” for skeet shooting, and the Benelli M2 is the perfect choice for to take out and get some time outdoors. Skeet shooting can be a wonderfully relaxing experience, just you, your weapon, and some clay targets. This is also a great way to practice your aim and keep your M2 used regularly. This will also allow you to adjust to the recoil, weight, and get more comfortable with the weapon. Anyone who chooses to have a gun for home defense should be familiar with how it works, as you will need to be able to use it quickly, so it only makes sense to test it out and use it on the range first. 

For Competitions

For those who really enjoy winning, there’s nothing like a good shooting competition. The Benelli M2s from Omaha Outdoors are certainly up for the task! Certain models feature Ghost-ring or open-rifle sights, while others have efficient quad-loading, and a ComforTech stock to make it easy to hold and shoot for hours on end. Comfort is key during a competition, as is accuracy, and with this option, you get both!