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Best Bluetooth Beanies

How to combine daily life with pleasure when you are a music fan and winter is coming? Simply by putting a hat on that hasearphones. If, like me, you cannot bear to use in-ear headphones during the cold winter, this article here is for you.

The same applies on those who use headphones integrated caps: always a little complicated to keep the headphones on the cap still (not to mention the look) and in addition, the quality of the sound is not always the best (more muffled).

For all these reasons, many specialists in mobile accessories have marketed a new connected garment: Bluetooth Beanies! Listen to music from your phone, answer calls, and dictateyour texts, all in one.

Not only that but, music, warmth, looks and freedom of movement: a Bluetooth beanie hat is what you should set your eyes on.

Why buy a bluetooth earphone cap?

Headphones for running or headphones for the gym are very popular with athletes.

However, for the cold winter, there are bluetooth hats with integrated earphones and microphone. A good wireless connection that allows you to listen to music or receive calls while keeping your head warm. Just connect it with your smartphone via Bluetooth and you will be ready to go.

The buttons on the side of the hat allow you to control the volume of the built-in headphones. In short, a good Bluetoothbeanie is a useful accessory in cold weather. 

How does a bluetooth earphone cap work?

The operation is very simple. Simply recharge the bonnet battery by connecting the supplied micro USB cable to a powered USB port.

Once charged, you must put the bonnet in pairing mode and search for a nearby Bluetooth device on a mobile phone. You must select the hat from the list of nearby devices and confirm the connection.

A Bluetooth hat usually has three control buttons. A button allows you to lower the volume, another to increase it and finally a third to start or pause the music. In order to machine wash the hat, you must remove the Bluetooth earphones from the hat.

How to choose your bluetooth hat?

In order to ensure your comfort and discretion, the Bluetooth beanie should not be chosen in a hurry. Among the parameters to take into consideration during your purchase, there are in particular:

  • The autonomy: The Bluetooth beanie is rechargeable,therefore, it is preferable that the one you choose is strong enough for the use you plan. This will prevent you from running out of battery at important times. The most efficient models are generally recommended for music lovers but can also be used by professionals whose make and receive calls are frequent.
  • Compatibility: The use of your Bluetooth beanie depends on the device to which you want to pair it. Therefore, before any purchase, it is best to check that the Bluetoothsystem of your Smartphone is compatible with it.
  • The settings: The classic Bluetooth beanie has several buttons to make it easier to adjust your accessory. They allow you to turn it on / off, adjust the volume, or switch to another song. Other models of Bluetooth beanies also offer a voice command which leaves you free in your movements while bringing you more freedom.
  • Design: More than an electronic gadget, a bluetoothbeanie completes your outfit. For this reason, it is best to match it with your style. Whether at work, at an important event or a casual outing, the numerous colors available gives you the opportunity to look perfect.

The Best Bluetooth Beanies

Without further ado, this is a list of the best Bluetooth beanies we recommend our readers to buy.

Rotibox BB009

The Rotibox BB009 Bluetooth beanie keeps your ears warm while listening to music. It is a soft acrylic beanie ideal for outdoor sports like skiing or hiking. This cap is compatible with most phones because it features the Bluetooth 4.1version. This widely used version has the advantage of having very low energy consumption.

The battery life is excellent with 6 hours of continuous listening. It can be charged with the included USB cable in about 2.5 hours. The other advantage is that it is washable with an inside zip to remove the earphones.

Finally, the RotiBox is available in many different styles and colors. Some models are warmer than others. Make sure you buy one that can make you warm enough but not unbearablyhot.

Leicke WD67221

The Leicke WD67221 is a connected beanie with integrated earphones and microphone. It allows you to listen to music and answer calls. It is made with 60% polyacrylic and 40% polyester.

It is Bluetooth 3.0 compatible and works with most smartphones. However, this bluetooth version is more greedyin energy and the battery of this connected cap lasts only 4 hours. On the other hand, the charging time is only 60 minutes with the supplied USB cable.

August EPA20

The August EPA20 is good Bluetooh beanie for the its price. It is based on the same principle as the previous ones with integrated headphones and microphone. The battery life is very good with 8 hours as told by the manufacturer. It charges in 3 hours with the supplied USB cable.

The August EPA20 is an acrylic hat that lets you listen to music without having to wear an extra pair of headphones. A control panel located on the left allows you to navigate between tracks and control the volume or even pick up or hang up a call.

Similar to the ones above, this beanie is also a hands-free kit and there is no need to take out your phone and take off your gloves to answer a call.

Qshell BB006

The Qshell BB006 is a Bluetooth beanie that allows you to listen to music and take hands-free calls. This acrylic hat is available in 17 different colors and designs.

Based on the Bluetooth 4.1 version, it is designed for simple and efficient pairing with almost all Bluetooth devices (iOS and Android). To set up pairing for the very first time, just turn on the headphones on the hat by pressing the play button.

Then open your device’s Bluetooth settings and you should see it appear on a list of available connections. Once you have selected it, it will automatically pair with the smartphone. The wireless range is approximately 10 meters.

The QShell BB006 offers good sound quality. It charges with the included microUSB cable in 2.5 hours. It is washable once the earphones are removed. Even though it is available in a wide range of colors, unfortunately, it is available in one size only. 

Archos Music Beany

The Archos Music Beany is a bluetooth hat with earphones and integrated microphone. It is knitted in polyacrylic and available in four different colors (black, blue, white and gray). 

It is compatible with the majority of smartphones because ofits Bluetooth 3.0 version. The operation is very simple thanks to the ease of connection with your Bluetooth device. It is the perfect beanie for music lovers.

The battery life can go up to 6 hours of continuous listening. It charges with the included microUSB cable in 2.5 hours. The Archos Music Beany is washable by hand of machine after removing the electronic components.