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How to Make Moving Home Easier on the Kids

Moving home is an extremely stressful – and often emotional – time in anybody’s life. This is always the case whether you’re a single occupant, a couple, or a whole family. If the latter, your stress is increased by the added worry regarding how your children are going to cope with such an upheaval, when they may not be old enough to understand why it’s happening. 

Making the process as smooth as possible for both you and the kids is a fundamental step to a successful move. 

Here are some ways you can make moving home easier for the whole family.

Don’t Break the News Too Early 

Moving home is a long process. It may take a long time to find your new home after you’ve first decided to move, and telling the kids the moment you decide to move home may result in many, many months of the children constantly asking when you’re moving, where you’re moving to and being confused about what’s happening. 

It’s better to explain to your children about the move when you have securely found the exact property you’re going to be moving into. That way, you can explain everything properly and answer all questions. 

Using a dependable agency like a Derby Lettings Agent means you can filter out unnecessary properties and find your perfect new home to introduce the kids too as quickly as possible. 

Visit the New House and Area Before You Move 

Once the time has arrived to explain to your children about the move, it’s a good idea to visit their new home ahead of the move to allow them to feel more comfortable and get used to the idea. This can help to assuage any anxiety they may have. 

Pointing out positives during your trip, such as the local playground, exciting public places or asking which room your child would like to have as their new bedroom can help them to feel more positive about what’s to come. 

Let Them Have an input 

Dictating everything regarding the move is only going to put your children in an uncomfortable position, and more likely that they’ll react negatively. Be open to any suggestions your children have regarding the move, even if it’s frivolous, and make them feel completely involved. Let them help pack, help to unpack, put items in their place and suggest what colours they would like to paint their new room in. 

Stay Positive 

Moving is stressful, but don’t let your children see that. Try and keep a cool head and speak positively and happily – even if you feel the opposite. Young family members will take emotional cues from you, so if you seem uptight and impatient about the whole thing, they’re going to think everything about the move is bad.

Offer Incentives 

This doesn’t necessarily mean bribing your children with sweets, but it can mean offering a reward for their good behaviour. They will be more enthusiastic about performing moving tasks if you give them a reason to. It could be turned into a fun game of ‘who can find the box needed for the kitchen’, and whoever finds it first can pick the movie you first watch together in your new home.