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Google Core Algorithm Update 2020 – Impacts on e-Commerce Website

Do you know why the eCommerce site owners change ranking? It has been affected by the Google core algorithm update. Many site owners treat SEO as a static tactic. They think that approaching SEO once and then they are done. They are making a big mistake.

The organic search is a continuously moving target. In 2018, Google completed more than 3,200 changes to its system. Some alteration barely marks a dent.

Google algorithm update will be announced soon. Google already acknowledge the changes. It preserves SEO professionals and website owners on their toes to see exactly how the sites are affected.

How may the sites be affected? Read and learn more about the details of the updates to know what you can do about it.

Understanding Google’s goal

Without seeing the whole idea of the search engine, you can’t understand Google’s operation. Google’s search engine has directly connected to the company’s significant source of revenue – advertising.

To keep revenue growth and to keep stockholders happy, it has to retain, providing people a reason to stay on the site and escalate advertising profit. The company knows that without a useful search engine, there is no income in the advertisement.

They are frustrated to be more sophisticated to know the context of searches. Together with the results of a user’s search because it is their goal to understand very well what users are looking for.

Google Core Algorithm Update

Webmasters started to panic in a simple tweet posted on January 13, 2020. Google’ Search Liaison said that the Google algorithm update is rolling out next week.

Google is not exposing the updates in the core, so it’s the job of the SEO to figure it out.

Usually, some early signals can be pieced together in a small number of days. After a month, the update becomes much clearer.

Like the previous updates last year, sites like health, wellness, fitness, financial information, and new sites impacted the most. They experience significant gains while others drop.

Changes to Featured Snippets Results

One change to the algorithm that shows an update to how featured snippets in Google. Featured snippets are the snippets that answer a question associated with your search. For example, if you look up Google update core, you will see many results followed by related questions like “What is the largest algorithm update by Google?”.

The result is a featured snippet, also identified as Position Zero. Google utilizes to have sites in Position Zero appear in different places on the page of organic search results. That is no longer the case, for the reason that deduplication already exists.

Deduplication is a process to get rid of the duplicate results so that a URL won’t show in featured snippets and the organic search outcome. I can be massive for some sites. There is a general compromise if your website appears in both; you’re likely to get more clicks.

Nevertheless, if your site is in the featured snippets alone, you may encounter a decline in clicks. That is because the user already gets the data that they need and no reason to continue to stay on your site. The outcomes are going to vary from site to site.

The effects are going to differ from site to site. You’ll need to monitor if your site performs in featured snippets and look at your analytics to understand if there’s an increase or drop in traffic.

Does the Core Update Impact You?

Initially, you need to do is to cast at your site’s analytics. You must begin by checking with Google Analytics and Google Search Console to see if your traffic dropped and the reason for declining.

If you observe a considerable uncertainty in search outcomes, it may be a result of the latest core update. You want to monitor traffic for the next few weeks as the alterations are fully rolled out by Google. Through reliable monitoring, you’ll have an easier time understanding how your site was impacted.

Look for the site that ranks above you now if your site diminished in the ranking. These are the pages that you can use through SEMRush and Ahrefs. These tools allow you to check what search terms they’re ranking for and the other factors like backlinks.

If your site was affected negatively by this core update, the significant thing to do is do not panic. That can be hard if your income relies on search traffic. You need to take an objective look at your site and make decisions based on data.

Site owners often have an involuntary impulse reaction to these modifications. They’ll do things to try to get their site ranking elevated again, but they wind up doing more harm than good.

Expertise, Authority, and Trust for an eCommerce Site

You can show your knowledge by writing about why you’re capable of selling the products that you do. Let’s say that you sell coffee products online. You can build expertise by presenting how you source your coffee and talk about your experience in the industry. Associating with industry specialists is another way to show your knowledge. To become an expert in your industry takes time.

Authority judged by the quantity of traffic and backlinks your site has. It’s much ease for brands with big funds to do. If you’re a new site starting, always publish content over time, and get excellent backlinks. These will help rapidity in the process of creating authority.

Trust is a huge concern for your site’s visitors and Google. Proving trust can be done through online criticisms, having several ways for customers to contact you, and having a flawless returns/exchange process.

Site Audit

With all of this data, where can you even begin to progress your search results? Begin with a site audit. Where you take an unbiased look at your site’s content and structure.

The goal with an examination is to comprehend if your website is doing well. From SEO opinion and what enhancements needed to do.

All in all

It’s too easy to get lost in firing out the latest Google update to the core algorithm. There are lots of ranking factors. After all, though, it’s all about users. If you are prudent in the technical part to tell Google what your site is all about and be responsible for good user experience and have great content, you are doing well.

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