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Fundamental Differences: Understanding the Marijuana and CBD Options

It is easy to be a bit confused about your options when discussing the topic of marijuana and CBD and it is perfectly understandable that you may not understand or appreciate the differences between the two at first glance.

You may decide that you want to try a premium THC-free CBD cream, for instance, but are unsure what it contains and what it will do for you, so here is a look at what you need to know about the various products and options available.

Understanding THC

A good starting point would be to understand that both THC and CBD are cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant, but that is where the similarity ends.

The two are fundamentally different and shouldn’t be confused as the same or similar.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the prime cannabinoids with psychoactive properties that occur naturally in the cannabis plant. It is THC that is principally used to create the so-called “high” that is widely associated with cannabis use.

A different effect

CBD products have a different chemical profile and its makeup means that you don’t experience that same intoxicating experience when you consume CBD, compared to THC consumption.

Although the “high” has been removed by natural design you can expect to experience a relaxing feeling on your body when consuming a CBD product but you won’t get the same psychoactive impact that happens when you consume THC.

If you have health problems and want to ease your pain without impacting the state of your mind this is where CBD offers you a safe alternative.

Different growing techniques

It is also highly relevant to appreciate that there is an important distinction in the growing process when it comes to comparing marijuana and CBD.

Hemp is one of the key differences to focus on.

The chemical structure of hemp and marijuana means that both can be used to produce CBD, however, they produce THC and vastly different levels.

Hemp is capable of holding a tiny fraction of THC content (0.3%), whereas marijuana is substantially more (30%).

This means that CBD is classed as a non-intoxicating compound. 

There are also substantial differences in growing techniques when comparing CBD and marijuana. Hemp is grown on an agricultural scale for commercial purposes as opposed to marijuana which is often grown on what can be considered a garden level, in comparison.

Is it legal?

Finally, a common question that many want an answer to is how legal it is to use CBD products.

As a result of hemp and associated products derived from hemp containing such a minuscule percentage of THC this means that it is widely accepted as being legal on a federal level, but not in all states as yet.

It should be noted that marijuana is still viewed as a controlled substance and, therefore, not legal under federal law.

CBD products are considered to offer some therapeutic benefits and if you are considering trying these products it often helps to know the difference between marijuana and CBD.