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What Causes Erectile Dysfunction In Men?

Erectile dysfunction is a very common medical issue that can affect men both in their younger and later life. There are many causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) including everything from stress to tobacco use and Parkinson’s disease. Finding the cause is often the first step to eliminating the issue if possible.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a term that is used to describe when a man cannot get or sustain an erection. This usually happens during sexual activities either alone or with a partner. In many cases, this problem is ongoing and isn’t just something that happens when the man has had too much to drink. For those who would like to purchase viagra online there is this treatment available. However, If you do decide to go ahead make sure to consult a doctor first. 

So, what are the main causes?

Heart Disease

Did you know that heart disease is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction in men? In fact, if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, you could find that this is an early sign that you could have heart disease. Heart disease is a very serious illness and is something that you should be keeping an eye out for.


We are often advised to eat a healthy diet and exercise frequently but many people don’t do this for a number of reasons. For those who are obese, erectile dysfunction is quite common. Obesity is a major issue in the UK and in the USA and so this is one of the more common causes of ED.


Another common cause of ED is smoking regularly. The reason behind this stems from the fact that smoke can damage your blood vessels. So, when your penis isn’t receiving the right amount of blood, it will find it hard to sustain an erection.  


According to the experts, around 70% of men who have Multiple Sclerosis can experience erectile dysfunction. This is something that typically only happens a few years after MS symptoms first appear and it is usually down to the medication.


Did you know that depression can be a major cause of erectile dysfunction? Men who are depressed typically find it hard to maintain interest in certain things and this can affect their sex life. Depression is a very serious issue and if you think that you are depressed, you should seek medical advice as soon as possible.


Another cause of erectile dysfunction is alcoholism. When a man drinks too much alcohol, they can find themselves struggling to maintain an erection. This is because alcohol is seen as a depressant and it can affect the mood. For many, most failed erections happen when they are under the influence. 

As you can see, there are many causes of erectile dysfunction. Not everyone will experience this issue for the same reason as everyone’s body is different. If you are experiencing ED, you should seek medical advice or treatment.