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What to Do When Your Family is Struggling for Space

Parenthood is likely the most rewarding experience of your life, but it’s not without its challenges, and the biggest one could be a lack of space within the home. 

If you often trip over toys, push items back into overflowing cupboards, and struggle for floor space, you might be eager to move to a bigger property.

However, there is no reason to move to accommodate the size of your household. Here’s what to do when your family is struggling for space.

Declutter from Top to Bottom

It’s essential to schedule a regular declutter of your home when raising a family, as it can create a tidy and spacious interior. You are likely storing toys your children have outgrown or are holding onto items you haven’t used in 12 months or more. A spring clean from top to bottom could help you to identify items you will want to keep, throw away, or donate to charity. 

Invest in Storage

You also should invest in storage solutions to create an organised, tidy space. For example, you could buy toy storage bins that you can label, which will ensure stationery, soft toys, action figures and dolls each has a place in your kids’ bedrooms.

You also can prevent loose objects from creating an untidy space by adding storage baskets in your living room, dining room, or hallway. It will allow you to quickly tidy a room, which could make you fall back in love with your interior. You could even ask your kids to review the basket at the end of each day and instruct them to return their belongings to their bedroom.

Add Extra Rooms

You don’t need a magic wand to add extra rooms to your home. If your kids are constantly arguing because they’re forced to share a bedroom or the whole clan has limited space to move in the home, it might be time to consult loft conversion specialists. With their help, you could convert your wasted loft into much-needed bedrooms, a playroom, a home office, or a larger living room. A custom-designed and built loft will also complement your needs and architectural design, and it can be a more affordable alternative to moving to a bigger home. 

Maximise Wall Space

If you have limited space to move throughout the home, it’s likely you and your loved ones feel cramped and uncomfortable each day. If this is the case, you must look for different ways to maximise your wall space.

For example, a tall bookcase and shelving can be an ideal place to store books, family photographs, awards, candles, and other much-loved items. You also could install a wall-mounted sink and bath, which can make a small bathroom look and feel much bigger than it is.

If you want to transform your family’s quality of life within the home, you should consider converting your loft, decluttering each room, and adding storage solutions into a busy space. You might be surprised by the dramatic difference these tactics could make to your property.