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More Machine Than Man: 7 Effective Post-Workout Tips

Getting the most out of your workout requires dedication before and after your repetitions. The post workout is less stressful, but can directly affect your weight loss. Before you reach the magical weight loss plateau, include affordable CBD oil for sale in your daily schedule. It is one of many things that will put you on the right track for monthly goals.

1. Healthy Snacks

Within 45 minutes of your workout, a snack is necessary. This completes it, and allows your body to recuperate some of the nutrients it lost. A small meal or snack will do, but the keyword here is ‘healthy’. Gorging on potato chips and candy bars will wipe out whatever progress you made during a workout. 

2. Do You Have Enough Protein?

Protein is a priority no matter what diet you’re on. It is an essential nutrient that repairs and rebuilds muscles in your body. In order to build muscle, you have to tear it repeatedly while working out. These microtears lead to the soreness that you feel a day after an intense exercise routine. Reward your body with protein in the post workout, and it will recover much faster. 

3. Hydration

Staying hydrated prevents fatigue while working out. When you get dehydrated, your body has a hard time keeping up. A post workout becomes excruciating, and makes it more likely that you’ll get an after-work out injury. Any beverage with electrolytes will replenish your fluid levels during post workout. 

4. Watch Those Carbs

Carbs are sneaky, and will slow you down at the worst times. It makes your body feel full, and slows down your gains for the next day. The low carb approach is good, but tends to be diet specific. There are ‘good carbs’ that require moderation to utilize their nutrient benefits. For full body recovery in the post workout, optimize the type of carbs that go into your system.

5. Prioritize Rest Days

You’ll never see positive results without including rest days into your workout routine. On your off days, turn your light exercise routines into a cut down post workout routine. It’s familiar, and gets you into the habit of working out specific body parts. 

6. Supplements

Supplements can be anything from multivitamins to weight gainers. Creatine is popular, and comes in many different forms. CBD has some types marketed as a supplement, so that can be another choice added to the list. No matter mix of supplements you choose, make sure they will enhance your post workout success rather than hinder it. 

7. Cool Down

The cool down phase of a workout is included automatically on many treadmills. It allows the heartrate to slow down, and your body to ease into normal activity. If you’re jumping straight from the post workout to the dinner table, then you’re doing it wrong. Take your cool down periods seriously so that your body doesn’t go into an immediate shock. 

Wrap Up

There is nothing quite like post workout motivation when paired with a sound plan. Do you know what you want and when you want it? Include CBD in the mix and you will have the perfect post workout combination.