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3 effective ways to protect yourself against air pollution

Air pollution can be harmful to our health in various ways. Instead of relying on the measures implemented by the authorities, consider taking steps to provide yourself with the highest level of protection. What can you do?

The debate over air pollution is relatively fresh – until recently, the awareness of its possible influence on our bodies was arguably low. Publicizing the climate crisis played a big part in raising awareness of the air pollution problem. Considering that the high emissions of carbon dioxide play a significant role in both matters, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Even though a growing number of countries is conscious of the importance of taking steps towards energy transformation, the problem of air pollution hasn’t been yet solved, and it most likely won’t be in the upcoming decade.

Some countries are already heading towards full fulfilling their ecological goals, using renewable energy, controlling the polluting industries, and rejecting other vehicles that the ones which are fuelled by electricity. Others still have a long way ahead due to various reasons, such as the economical structure, the dominance of polluting industries, and lack of subsidies that could fuel the positive change.

In both cases – but particularly the second – it is worth to take personal measures in order to provide yourself with the best protection. The sources of air pollution can vary; however, the ways mentioned below will protect you from all its kinds.

#1 Provide yourself with updated information

Know your enemy – this popular saying applies perfectly to the subject of air pollution. The particles that are harmful to your health can be transparent and odorless – only a small part of them, such as sulfur acid, is detectable by your senses. That’s why keeping yourself informed about the levels of pollution is the most significant measure to take. Widely available applications such as Airly.org can provide you with regularly updated data on the different sources of air pollution and its levels.

#2 Wear a mask

The best protection against air pollution if you cannot avoid leaving the house in the worst season is the anti-smog mask. It filters the dangerous particles, making it safe for you to walk on the street when the levels of pollution are high. This measure is particularly important for pregnant women, as the polluted air may be harmful to their unborn children. It also applies to the elderly and people with respiratory system conditions such as asthma.

#3 Clean the air inside your house

Even though it may seem safe inside, the polluting particles can enter the interiors and harm your health. That’s why it is recommended to filter the air inside the house. You can do it in both ways – by using the air filter or filling your apartment with plants that are known to be natural air cleaners. Combining those two will bring the best results. As the air in Polish houses in winter tends to be dry due to heating, it is worth to buy hybrid equipment that hydrates and cleans the air at the same time.