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4 Perfect British Wedding Cars

Some brides want to arrive at their wedding in horse and cart, some are happy with the bus, and others want to arrive in a car that spells style and sophistication. However, there’s always one thing in common – the bank of dad is more than likely footing the bill. That being said, if you have no idea where to start, and all you have to on is “I want a fancy car”, then you’ve come to the right place. Through this article, we will look at 5 British cars that are bound to drop some jaws ahead of your daughter stepping out in a wedding dress.

Why Choose a British Car?

There’s something about British cars that seem to stand the test of time. Whether you opt for a Jaguar or a Bentley, they all shout class and sophistication – may as well have some before the drinks start flowing and the resident drunk causes a scene (we all know who you are). No matter which car you choose to go with, you can find a wide range at englishweddingcars.com

The Jaguar MKII

At this point, Jaguar is a household name that has been manufacturing desirable cars since the 1920s and is still going strong today. Built from late 1959 to 1967 in Coventry, the MKII boasts a lavish interior, with large windows and a stunning overall design. This car is a timeless classic and would be a top choice for any bride and groom. The car was even used by the notorious Inspector Morse in the popular TV series.

The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

Rolls Royce has earnt its reputation for manufacturing extravagant cars for more than 100 years. The Silver Cloud comes with a large interior and backseat space, perfect for any bride and their fabulous wedding dress. The iconic wedding car is also owned by Beyonce – bought for her by her husband for a 7-digit price. These cars are notorious classics for a reason.

The Bentley R Type

The London based Bentley has been creating style since 1919, so it’s no surprise that the Bentley R Type is a top choice for couples. Bringing to the table its notorious wheel arches, chrome grille and vintage body, this car will add some wow to your daughter’s special day. 

Triumph Roadster

The Triumph Roadster offers something a little different. This pre-war convertible offers a curvy-chrome body that would sit well for any summer’s day wedding. Let the bride and groom be whisked away in style as they fall into the unique ‘dickey seats’ – only a fool would miss out on this beauty.

Now you might have some idea of what car to hire for your daughter’s special day. There are countless choices out there and each one offers a touch of elegance, style and sophistication to any big day. No matter what drama unfolds at the reception, there’s no reason why the newlyweds can’t be whisked away after in one of these fancy cars.