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10 Simple Habits of a Happy Mom

Being a mom is a full-time job, we all know that. What we also know (usually from personal experience) is that it’s sometimes so easy to get caught up in all the homemaking and parenthood that we simply forget what’s really important in life. And one of those things is being happy. This is crucial as a good mum is a happy mom. So, to be a good mom you need to take a break from time to time, enjoy the little things and devote some time to yourself. If you’re struggling with this idea or you aren’t sure how to do it, take a look at our idea of a mom’s guide to self-care.

1. Eat well

A happy mom’s habit number one: eat well. It happens so many times that due to all the chaos and obligation around the kids, moms simply don’t find the time to eat right, but instead eat some fast food or have another coffee. If this happens to you frequently, you should immediately act on it. We should fill our bodies with food that gives us energy.

2. Sleep well but wake up before kids

This will perhaps sound silly, but yes, sleep is important and you should try to get enough of it. I know that this sometimes sounds impossible, but sleep is crucial for resting our bodies and regenerating our cells. If it’s hard for you to get enough sleep, you can always ask for help or take a nap when your kids are napping. One is for sure, a sleep-deprived mom is not a happy mom. But again, try to wake up before the kids, to have your morning coffee in peace and quiet – it’s always a better way to start the day.

3. Take care of your appearance

A happy mom is satisfied with her appearance. This doesn’t mean that you should necessarily wear your full make-up on and heels, but simply that you should look tidy, neat and generally nice. So, when you get up, remember to brush your hair and teeth, to put your cream on and slip into some casual, comfy, clean clothes. You can also put some makeup on, it gives you a fresh look. Some basic makeup includes shaping your brows, putting on some mascara and brushing some blush off your cheeks. And if you go for lash extension and enhance your eyes with mink lashes, you’ll be able to save up a lot of time in the morning and you’ll always wake up all pretty.

4. Go outside

Staying inside all the time can have a negative impact on anybody. So, avoid locking yourself in the house. Instead, get ready, plan some fun activities take your kids outside. You’ll be able to enjoy the time and kids will surely sleep better. Fresh air tends to exhaust them.

5. Spend time with your friends

Having some free time and spending it with your close friends shouldn’t be something to feel guilty about. A solid friendship is an important aspect of every happy mom so keep those relations alive. And if your friends also have kids, you can get together more often for coffee or lunch and organize playdates, so it’s a win-win combo for everybody.

6. Get active

Exercising is something that goes hand in hand with eating well and sleeping well. If you feel good physically, you’ll also feel good mentally. It can mean different things to different people. You can do some workouts with dumbbells at home, you can go for a brisk walk, you can go jogging, to the gym, or perhaps even just do a few exercises each day. Anything basic you do will have a positive effect on you, you don’t have to push yourself.

7. Don’t spend so much time on social media

Spending too much time on social media can have detrimental effects on us, as by scrolling through the highlights, we only see happy and positive moments, without any negative or bad ones, which is simply not plausible. Life is full of ups and downs, and by constantly looking at only positive things placed before our eyes, we might consider our life to be empty and boring.

8. Have a clean (not spotless) home

It’s important to keep the house clean, as it is healthier and naturally these kinds of homes don’t make us feel anxious.However, there is a difference between a clean and a spotless home. You don’t have to keep everything organized in a military-type way, remember that. What’s important is that the kids are fed, that the floor and other surfaces are clean. Toys lying here and there – not such a big problem. Also, laundry that’s not folded right away.

9. Connect with your family

In order to be a happy mom, besides taking care of yourself, you should also try to connect with your family in many ways. That means spending quality time together, eating together whenever possible, talking about things, sharing feelings, and doing some fun things together as a family.

10. Laugh and be silly

Laughter is a crucial aspect of happiness and that’s why moms who laugh more have a tendency to be happier. So, bring in more laughter in your life and it will definitely be brighter!

Being a dedicated mom requires a lot of our time, energy, will and motivation. Moms sacrifice everything for their kids, and they should get some credit for that. For starters, time for some self-care will help bring that happy mom around.

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