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Reasons To Choose Automated Gates Over Manual Units

We have come a very long way in the span of half a century and we are now living in a digital era. With all the benefits automation and the internet bring, if you are thinking of replacing your Lock for gate security, you really should opt for an automated solution. The list of advantages that come with electric gates is indeed long and here are some of the reasons people choose this solution for their property;

  • Added Security – Let’s face it, we are living in troubled times and with house breaking figures on the rise, security is on everyone’s mind. Electric gates open and close as required and any would-be intruder would assume that the property is well-protected and there are many unprotected homes they can target. Using smart sensors, the gates will open when your car arrives and close behind it. Install CCTV and an intercom system to communicate with visitors.
  • Convenience – There’s nothing worse than having to get out of that nice warm car into the pouring rain to open the gates and with smart solutions, those days are long gone. The remote unit gives you complete control and all the family cars can be fitted with a small device that the gate recognises and open as you approach the driveway. Once you have experienced automated gating, you won’t want to return to manual options and there is a long list of accessories for added comfort and convenience.
  • Prevent Injury – Many people have hurt their back while trying to move old gates and with the motor underground, your new electric gates open and close effortlessly. There are safety devices that instantly stop the motor should anything break the infrared beams, ensuring total safety, especially with a heavy set of gates. If you deal with an established gate company, all of their products must pass safety standards and would incorporate two safety mechanisms that stop the motor when the path is obstructed.
  • Smart Technology – Eventually, all homes will be run by a small central computer, which will include the wooden or metal electric gates and when you are far away on a tropical island, you can connect to the CCTV system in your home and take a look around. With today’s technology, you can talk to a visitor outside the gate while you are in the kitchen and with cam feeds, you can always view the perimeter of the property.
  • Below Ground Solutions – When you commission a leading gate supplier to fabricate a set of electric gates, the motor can be installed underground, which protects the unit and keep the driveway uncluttered. Once installed, the supplier would set up a maintenance schedule and demonstrate how to operate the unit.

There are no off-the-shelf solutions with residential gating, rather each unit is designed and built in the supplier’s factory and professionally installed. If you would like to view a wide range of gating designs, Google will help you find the website of a leading custom gate company and you can ask for a quote on any design.