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5 Recycling Ideas To Try Before Getting Rid Of Your Old Couch

When you have old furniture lying around your home, it’s tempting to just resort to getting rid of them just so you can eliminate the eyesore. This is especially true for pieces that occupy a lot of space, such as an old corner sofa. Maybe, you’re decluttering and you’ve decided you want to let go of stuff you no longer use. It could also be that you’re redecorating and also buying new furniture at the same time. Whatever your reason may be, hold that thought of dumping your sofa immediately. Instead, you can turn to some recycling ideas that are friendlier to the environment.

Recycling Is The Way To Go

Just like household waste, your old couch can still be recycled. Even when you think that it’s already a lost cause, you might be surprised to find out that there are still some ways that you can try just so the furniture won’t end up getting disposed of irresponsibly or going to waste.

Try these recycling tips and ideas below:

1. Look For An Environmentally Friendly Rubbish Removal Company

If you think contacting a rubbish removal company is an easy way out, well, that might be true at some point. However, it doesn’t mean you can no longer be pro-recycling. What you can do is to look for an environmentally friendly company to take care of the removal of your worn-out sofa. How do you know if the waste removal company cares for the environment? They should offer solutions that can benefit Mother Nature. 

If you need to know more about such companies, look at this site and, maybe, reach out to them for insights. Ask what they can offer should you decide to get their services. How do they plan on removing the furniture? Where will they take it or what are the steps they’ll be willing to take just to make sure that the couch gets recycled? These are just some of the questions that you may want to ask them.

2. Donate It To A Charity Shop

Charity shops can be found everywhere, and you can think of them as a solution for your old couch predicament. They’d be more than willing to accept the furniture so they can sell it and use the money to support their cause. Think of this idea as hitting two birds with one stone—you’ll be able to get rid of your sofa and support a charitable organization.

If you can’t find such a shop in your area, you can ask the local government or your municipal office if they have one that you can contact. Sometimes, it might be possible to just bring the couch to the municipal disposal centre, and, then, they’ll be the one to bring it for donation.

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3. Have It Reupholstered

Most of the time, old sofas are disposed of just because they no longer look appealing. That’s to be expected in furniture pieces that have gone through the test of time. But, if you think the couch can still use a bit of reupholstering to look good again, why not, right? 

To make this happen, start by assessing the divan’s base material. If the wood structure still looks okay, you might just need to reupholster the couch with a new fabric. You can go for a print or design that fits the latest décor of your home.

4. Give It Away

As old as it may be, your couch may still be a gem for other people who can’t afford it. Try to ask friends and family if they’ll be interested in taking in old furniture. You can also post a crowdsourcing question on your social media accounts to widen your reach. Don’t forget to state the condition of the item you’re giving away so that people will know what to expect of it. It’ll also get more attention if you attach some photos of the couch to your post.

5. Reuse Your Old Couch

Couches don’t only work for living rooms and indoor spaces. Before deciding to donate or give it away, maybe, you can still give your old sofa a second chance. Take a good look at it and see if there are other areas in your home that might make good use of it. You can consider adding a new sofa cover to it and use it in one of your outdoor spaces, such as the patio or by the deck. 


Before thinking of getting rid of your old couch, stop for a second and come up with ways that can lead to recycling thefurniture first. Don’t just leave the sofa in a waste disposal centre. Instead, look for a rubbish removal company that considers environmentally friendly solutions. You can also donate the item to a charity shop, give it away to someone who wants it, have it reupholstered, or, perhaps, there’s still a possibility that the sofa doesn’t end up leaving the confines of your home.