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4 Questions to Answer Before Your Teen Starts Driving 

It is a great milestone in any teen’s life when they decide that they want to get behind the wheel and learn how to drive. It’s a chance for them to gain a bit of independence, learn a new skill, and it may allow them to find a part-time job so they can learn more about being responsible as an adult.

However, before you and your child hop behind the wheel, there are some questions that you need to ask yourself. How will they learn? How will you pay for the potential costs associated with this endeavour? To help you out, we’ve created a guide of essential questions and information that you need to gather before your teen starts driving.

Will Your Teen Be Taking Official Classes, or Will You Be Teaching Them?

The first big question that you will need to ask yourself is how will your teen learn to drive? You have the option of bringing them to a pre-existing driver’s ed course or you can save money on tuition by teaching them yourself. The perk of a driving school is that you know that they are learning every important lesson in a structured environment with an accredited teacher, which will give them a comprehensive overview of every applicable lesson.

You do have the right and the ability to teach them yourself, but you will need to do some legwork as you come up with a structure for your instruction so that you don’t miss any important details. The good news is that there are many resources available that provide support, including online driving lessons and tips that you can follow so you know you are providing the best information.

Will You Be Purchasing Your Child’s Car or Are They Responsible for It?

As your teen nears the end of their driving lessons and you start searching Driving Test Cancellations to book their test, you will next need to start asking yourself who will be footing the bill for your teen’s new car. Unless your child has stellar credit and a strong financial history, it may be inevitable that you will need to buy the car for them and then decide if they will pay you back. 

If you do decide to purchase the car first, remember that you do not and should not buy the most expensive model you can find. Look for a starter car that they can grow with, and you won’t be too upset if they ding the bumper or hit the car door against a solid object. There are many ways that you can buy a car without breaking the bank. Start by financing to achieve a manageable lower monthly payment. Also, remember that you can haggle with the salesperson or at least ask for discounts before you sign the dotted line. 

Even if you do buy the car yourself, you should consider holding your teen responsible for the monthly payments. They could use the money they make from a part-time job, or it might be that they pay you back by doing chores that match up to the dollar amount they would have paid. In either case, before you buy the car, have a talk with your teen about responsibility and how they plan to afford a car.

How Much Will Additional Insurance and Fuel Cost?

While you are on the topic of expenses, you will also need to consider all of the additional costs that come along with vehicle ownership and how you plan to tackle these financial issues. As far as petrol is concerned, you will need to look at fuel prices in your area and then determine how much you and your teen plan to drive. If petrol prices are steep, then you may have to consider restricting how often or how far your teen can drive in any given time frame. 

You will also need to educate them on how to drive properly, so they don’t waste more petrol than necessary. Those lessons should include how to avoid stop-and-go traffic, avoid excessive speeds, and how to check their tire pressure, so they improve their petrol mileage.

Of course, you will also have to think about the price of insurance which is necessary before your teen can drive on their own. The cost will likely skyrocket if your teen gets their own policy, so consider adding your teen driver onto the family policy, which will raise your bill a bit but is still the more affordable option. You could also increase the deductible on your insurance, so the monthly costs are less. However, you would need to pay more in the case of an accident.  

What Rules Will You Set for Your Teen When They’re Behind the Wheel?

Next, you will need to set and enforce guidelines for your young driver. To get started, think about the actions that help teen drivers stay safe and make rules to ensure their protection. For example, since you know that distracted driving is dangerous, you can make a rule that they will never drive with their phone in their hands. Or you could say that they can never drive while impaired, and if they do, then their driving privileges will be permanently revoked. 

Also, remind them that driving is a privilege and not a right and that they should earn their ability to get behind the wheel. So, your rule might be that your teen has to achieve certain marks in school or that they have to do a set number of chores or else they are not allowed to drive. You should also consider setting a curfew for your teen so they aren’t driving at night when the roads can be more dangerous. 

As you can see, there are a lot of questions to ask and considerations to make before your teen should get behind the wheel. Make the decisions now, and you’ll feel better when they get on the open road.