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Taking Kids To Wimbledon- What Parents Should Know

Wimbledon is one of the most awaited sports events that attract tennis buffs from around the world. Attending it is an incredible experience for the young and old alike. You may even bring along children as it offers the opportunity to have a fantastic day out. Your kids will love the ambiance and vibes of the event, even if they do not know much about the sport itself. As a parent, you must know some facts and guidelines for taking your kids to Wimbledon to make the trip enjoyable and memorable. Here is a comprehensive checklist to help.

Check the rules and etiquette

Wimbledon attendees must follow some rules listed by the All England Tennis Club (AELTC). There are specific guidelines for parents to bring along their kids. An adult should accompany children under 16 at all times. Parental responsibilities also include supervising their kids. As a rule, you cannot take a baby, infant, or child under 5 into Wimbledon’s Show Courts. These include Centre Court and court numbers 1, 2, 3, 12, and 18. Also, ensure that your children follow etiquette, such as not standing, shouting, or cheering during points. Check the dress codes and court-specific rules before planning a day out at the tournament with your kids. Ensure they are aware of the behavior you expect them to follow. 

Be ready to invest in tickets

A family outing at Wimbledon may entail a significant investment as you will have to buy tickets for kids over the age of five. These are charged at the full price, though children under five can enter the Grounds or non-Show Courts without a ticket. Getting an early start is a good idea. You can check facts such as What are the Wimbledon Championships 2022 dates? How much do tickets cost this year? Where can you buy the tickets? Is there an option to get Debenture Tickets if you fail to get in through the public ballot? Knowing these facts will enable you to plan and budget for tickets for your family. 

Pack your essentials

Besides knowing the rules and budgeting for the tickets, you should carry some essentials to ensure a good time for your little ones at The Championships. Pack along lots of water to ensure good hydration for your children. Carry some handy snacks to fuel them for a long day at the venue. Although you can buy refreshments at the venue, carrying your own stuff saves a lot of money. The sun is hot on the Grounds, so pack hats, dress younger kids in long sleeves, and apply sunscreen. The weather is often unpredictable, and it can suddenly get wet and cold. Check the forecast, and pack a small umbrella and light coat to keep your kids warm. 

Wimbledon has celebratory vibes, and children love being there. But parents must take a responsible approach to managing their little ones at the event. Follow the rules and guidelines to have an incredible day out with your loved ones. Your kids will wait eagerly for the next time around!