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Five Top Football Stars from the Year 2000 to 2010

Football is an evolving sport, and different decades have offered us exciting players. We’ve continued to enjoy top-notch eras better than the last, and as we enter the 2020s decade, it is a great idea to look into the past to see some of the biggest stars that have lit up the pitch. Although some are now coaches, they were top brass at the time.

They made the top picks, and like when you want to bet on NFL picks, these players are the ones you would consider while you want to bet. Pele was king in the 70s, and Maradona, Cruyff, Baggio, etc., were dominant in the 80s and 90s. At the turn of the millennium, newer stars lit up the show.

Although these stars were already shining in the late 90s, the 2000s brought them to the top. In that case, we are looking at five of the biggest football stars from 2000 to 2010. This list is based on their age, experience, and honors before the end of the decade. 

Zinedine Zidane

One of France’s best players in history, Zidane tops our list of football stars in the 2000s decade. He was a sensational midfielder that bossed it throughout his playing career. His technicality and vision put him ahead of other players. He was one of the main reasons for France’s World Cup win in 1998, and he continues to be a legend for the French team.

Although his incredible 2006 run was tainted by a bad-tempered moment, he is still one of the best to grace the pitch. He is a Balon d’Or winner, and after his playing career, he enjoyed an impressive coaching career, becoming the first coach to win three in a row in the UCL era. Many top betting sites like Bet US made him a top pick every time he plays. 

Thierry Henry

Another Frenchman makes our list, and that is Thierry Henry, the King of North London and one of the best players to play in the English Premier League. He was pivotal to the invincibles run in the 2003/2004 season. Henry is also France’s highest goalscorer in history. Therefore, he remains a strong part of the country’s history. 

Although after his move to Barcelona in the summer of 2006, it didn’t work as he wanted as the team had many stars, including Ronaldinho and a growing Lionel Messi. However, he had an illustrious career. Even though his coaching tenures haven’0t been as good as his playing days, we believe there is time for the French man to turn things around. 

Ronaldinho Gaucho

Ronaldinho is a true embodiment of Samba. His feet with the ball are like magic waiting to happen. Everyone that started watching football in the 2000s knows how exciting it is to see Ronaldinho play with the ball. He was skillful and gifted. At his peak, no player comes close to the dancing Gaucho, making him one of the players to bet on at top sites like BetUS.  

Although a series of bad decisions dented his playing career, he never lost his skills, and even today, we can still see how skillful this Brazilian star is whenever we watch him play. It is everything, and we could tell that he could have achieved more if he had put in the extra work. However, he won almost everything and has two Balon d’Or awards, incredible feats. 

Delima Ronaldo

Delima Ronaldo, or the “Real” Ronaldo, as many people like to call him, is one of the most sensational players ever to play the game. He was so good that many teams wanted him to be on their side, and he was part of one of the greatest Brazilian teams ever. Ronaldo had everything going for him.

He was an incredible goalscorer, a dribbler, and a playmaker. He could do anything with the ball. But it all went sour after he got injured for Inter Milan. Even though he still got to play at his peak for a few years, he didn’t reach his potential. And adding on weight didn’t help him out, and he could only play until he was 34. 

Ricardo Kaka

In the 2000s, Brazil had one of the best teams globally, with the greatest players wearing the yellow and blue colors. They put their life on the line, and many young supporters found joy watching the Samba boys play. And one of the pivotal players in this era was Ricardo Kaka. A blistering attacking midfielder.

Kaka was Brazil and Milan’s engine, and he did the work well. He won many trophies during his time as a player and got multiple awards to show for his skillfulness. It was an illustrious career that we were sad to see the end. However, we would like to see the maestro return to football to help groom youngsters today.