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How to Be the Perfect Host to an Overnight Guest

With the summer weather settling in, more and more of us are becoming socially active – meeting friends, visiting family and even taking holidays to cross the country and stay with friends. If you are expecting guests overnight in the foreseeable future, you may be wondering how exactly you can accommodate them. Here are some simple tips to help your treat your guests exactly the way you’d like to be treating when staying overnight.

Clean Beforehand

This is an essential step before inviting guests round for any length of time, let alone overnight. Even if you are particularly fastidious with your house cleaning regimen, you should give your home another once-over before your friends or family arrive. 

In cleaning, you should give special attention to the spaces your overnight guests will be using – specifically, their sleeping quarters and the bathroom nearest to them. It may be that your guests are destined for your sofa or sofa-bed, in which case you should endeavour to provide clean bedding and blankets for them to get comfortable. For guest bedrooms, ensuring the sheets are fresh will go a long way to ensuring your guests are comfortable. 

Provide Toiletries

As well as clean rooms and bedding, your guests would also benefit from the provision of toiletries for the duration of their stay. Fresh towels mean they can shower or bathe in the morning, without having to bring their own linen. You could also allow them access to your soaps and shower gels, so they can freshen up without brining more than their toothbrush and toothpaste.

Stock Up on Food and Drink

Food and drink are a natural part of entertaining guests, and no doubt already on your list when it comes to preparations for any overnight visitors. However, it is of particular importance that you find out if your visitors have any dietary requirements; religious beliefs may preclude them from enjoying certain foodstuffs, while allergies may render others deadly.

With your guests’ dietary restrictions noted, you can make plans for what kinds of meal to serve them – or even put together a cute welcome hamper for sharing, including crisps, chocolate, and fudge to enjoy during your evening of activities.

Make Space

You will of course already be making space for your guests, by virtue of offering them sleeping space for the evening – but with a bit of forethought, you can offer them enough space to comfortably store their belongings overnight and reduce stress as a result. Even clearing out a little wardrobe space for them to hang clothing can go a long way to making them feel at home.

Share Your Schedule

Lastly, your friends’ or family’s overnight stay should remain a fun and stress-free experience – and one winning way to keep this a reality is to be transparent about your needs and movements. It may be that you have an early start for work the next day, or a private matter to attend to; letting your guests know when you need to leave can make the mornings much more manageable for all involved.