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App Development Trends & Predictions

Even though we are not always aware of that, our lives have become incredibly mobile-centric. If we take a look at the recent surveys, a regular person on average spends 4.8 of waking hours using apps. Furthermore, 21% of Millennials open some of the installed mobile apps more than 50 times every day.

So, it should be obvious that if you want to reach out to a wider public or put your company on the map, this is the channel you should use.

But, the mobile app market is constantly changing and it’s changing fast. Let us take a look then at the most relevant app development Australia (and other areas of the world) trends that will make sure you will get the best possible results.

The evolution of 5G technology

The 5G is not entirely a novel idea. But, even though it’s been ushered as the next step in the mobile evolution quite some time ago, it seems that the idea is finally reaching the maturity and adoption necessary to break through into the mainstream. So, what are we getting with a speed ten times faster than 4G? Well, we can expect to see more new complex features, a greater focus on streaming of video content, a faster transition to VR and AR technologies, and other more data-heavy functionalities.

More apps for foldable devices

Ever since Android and iOS completely rooted out the competition, the smartphone playing field became very safe, standardized, and completely devoid of any kind of genuine innovation. Well, not until the brands lagging behind the pack leaders realized they have nothing to lose by doubling down with their offer of foldable devices. That definitely helped these novel phones reach more consumers. Last year, 5 million sold devices were fold phones. Well, all these units will require dedicated apps.

The development of VR and AR features

In the previous sections, we have mentioned that the rise of 5G tech finally allowed a greater expansion of VR and AR  app features. However, this is only a final step in the long journey that branched out to wearables, IoT, AR games, and countless other necessary stops. Be that as it may, using VR and AR to feed smartphone users is now completely commercially viable and the companies like App Boxer UK have gained years of experience using them in various business scenarios. Their true potential, however, is still far from being realized.

Greater use of biometric tech

Even though its adoption rates are not equally spread out, it’s safe to say that biometric tech is breaching the modern workplaces and becoming a part of present-day corporate life. Now, we can expect to see similar development occurring in the world of apps as well. Especially taking into account that having the benefit of hi-res cameras and fingerprint sensors, mobile devices make very fertile soil for such transition. So we can expect to see gesture-based interaction becoming more biometric-based.

Stronger integration of wearable apps

Keeping in mind the uniformity and high level of standardization in the world of smartphone apps, it really comes as a surprise that the wearable corner of this broad market managed to remain so fragmented and rough around the edges. These discrepancies caused a lot of development problems and ultimately damaged the quality of the final products. Now the companies are doing their best to integrate the wearable platforms, standardize user experience, and once again make this market whole. If you are looking to develop an app in this ever-changing landscape, it’s advisable to utilize the services of an app development company los angeles, or a location more relevant to you. Such companies bring the experience and expertise necessary to ensure the success of an app, by creating a smooth user experience and a high-quality final product.

The expansion of Machine Learning and advanced AI

Both these technologies were shyly knocking on the mainstream doors for quite some time now. Do you remember those MyHeritageApp photos that allowed you to, for a couple of moments bring the photos of your ancestors to life? These amazing animations wouldn’t be possible without the use of ML and AI. It is good to know then that both these technologies are going through rapid evolution that makes them more accessible and affordable. So, we will see them utilized in app development even more often.

We hope these couple of examples gave you some general idea about the general direction where app development will be heading by the end of 2022 and beyond. Of course, we should keep in mind that this is only the tip of the iceberg and that the world of app development is evolving too fast to make any certain long-term predictions. But, judging from the trends we can identify at this very moment, the road ahead will be very exciting.