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7 Important Things To Consider Before Getting A Pet

Having a pet is a marvelous experience that everyone should feel in their life. Pets can bring you so many great benefits, including healthy ones, and that is why most people decide to get a furry companion to live with them. However, since a house is not their natural habitat, there are things you should do in order to prepare for a warm welcome for your pet. Besides accommodating your home, there are some other things you should consider before getting a pet.

The Commitment 

Having a pet is a long-term commitment. This is where a lot of people make mistakes and that is why a lot of pets end up on the streets, unfortunately. The average life span of dogs and cats is between 10 and 15 years, and that is a big commitment to providing a home and care for them for that long. So, before you get a pet, you should really think about how ready you are to commit to them. Pets require a lot of attention and care, and if you don’t have enough time for them, getting a pet is not a good idea. 

Does It Fit into Your Lifestyle?

Before you even adopt/buy the pet, get to know their breed and also be open to changing your mind if that specific breed doesn’t fit your lifestyle. Some dog breeds are more energetic, and ask for a lot more care, time outside, etc. If you have a similar lifestyle that your new dog can join, then look for such breeds. On the other hand, if you don’t want an energetic dog, choose the breed and size accordingly.

You will also have to take into account if you travel a lot, whether this be for pleasure or work. If you want an animal that can travel with you, maybe opt for something small or easy to train so they won’t suffer through long journeys with little space. On the other hand, some breeds of dog or cat will not enjoy traveling, and while this should not dissuade you from having a pet, you should be ready to ensure that they are well-cared for whilst you are gone, for example by putting them into boarding or getting a sitter. You can learn more here about dedicated cat sitters in your area.

Similarly, if you have (or want) children, you will want a pet that can fit in nicely and even be protective of children. Beyond these factors, think about your current living set-up, as these feed into the lifestyle question too. Are you living in a spacious home or a small apartment? You’ll want to research how big a dog can grow, think about it, knowing a mini australian shepard size potential before you buy one will save you the shock of realising six months down the line that they’re getting too big for the space you have available for them.

The Budget

Another crucial factor is your financial situation. You need to work out how much you’re willing and able to spend. At the top end, you could get a beautiful designer breed, like a f1b Goldendoodle, and pamper it with raw natural food, at the lowest end you may need to delay getting a pet until you have money saved up. There are a lot of expenses, including quality dog food, grooming, toys, trips to the vet, etc. Also, those trips to the vet can cost a lot when there are health conditions needing to be treated. But if you still do want a pet, consider getting a species that needs less maintenance, like fish for example.

Do Your Research

It is crucial to do the research before you get your pet. The things you should research are the nearest vet clinics, how to groom that specific pet, nutrition tips, and what you have to do in order to provide safety for them. You can even look into a pet locator tag so you can always know where your pet is going to be, especially if it happens that they escape your home. Having a way to track them is a security measure that can put your mind at ease and even help your pet since you can locate it and quickly find it and bring it to safety. Keeping your pet safe in all parts of their life is incredibly important as you well know, which means that when you do decide to pick a vet such as Indy Veterinary Care (click here), you have to do your research on their background, see what people say, the way they deal with pets, and so on. This will help you pick a place that cares for your pet properly.

You can simply just google all of these things and you will find a lot of groups, sites, and other online communities that will be glad to help you make your home a safe space for your new pet. Also, if you are getting a dog, you can look into pet-friendly restaurants and bars so you know where you can take your dog if you want to meet your friends. 

Think About Allergies

Another important thing is making sure that you or your family don’t have allergies to fur and animals. It often happens that people get a pet and then find out they are allergic, which makes care for them very hard and even impossible. If you haven’t already found out or tested yourself, your kids, or your partner for allergies, it is a good idea to do such a test before introducing the pet into your home. Additionally, you can spend time at a friend’s house with their pets and see how everyone reacts. 

Consider Training

If you want to get a dog or a cat, you have to know how you can train them. Obedience and behavioral training are a must for such pets, especially if they are going to live with you indoors. If you are not familiar with the training processes, you can easily research the basics online. Potty training is also important and there is no single method that will guarantee success. You will have to invest time and effort into this, so make sure you are ready for all the “mistakes” that are going to happen and arm yourself with patience. 

Also, if you are getting a dog, you will have to learn how to train it to behave well. This is important because otherwise, the dog will make a big mess or destroy your house if you leave it alone. But there are some pets that don’t require any training or need a minimum, such as birds, rabbits, hamsters, and other smaller pets. 

Talk To Your Landlord?

If you don’t have your own place and you’re renting an apartment or a house, it is always a good idea to ask your landlord if they allow pets. Most will say yes and let you introduce a new family member to your home, but it may happen that they don’t allow animals in the apartment, and even some buildings have regulations on that. So, talk to your landlord before you adopt or buy a pet because it would be very sad if you do get a pet, they found out and don’t let you keep it. 

Having a pet is an amazing thing. With them, you can have so many health benefits, you have a best friend and pets can help you find meaning in life. However, before you get one, it is a good idea to ask yourself some questions and make sure that the house allows pets and that it is a safe space for them.