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Why A Spiral Staircase Could Transform Your Home For The Better

If you are having a new home built, or if you are investing in a significant renovation of your current home, then one attractive new feature you may want to consider is a spiral staircase. These time-honoured architectural features have been gracing homes for over 1800 years, and could be just what your property needs to achieve the stylish aesthetic you are hoping for.

Not convinced? Here are some benefits of spiral staircases to consider as you ponder whether or not to take the plunge and add some graceful spirals to your daily life. 

1. They Suit Any Space

You may associate spiral staircases with castles or stately homes, but the truth is that a spiralling staircase can work in any space, even a narrow Victorian terrace. This is due to the structure of the staircase, which can be easily contained in a small space if required. In fact, they can take up the same amount of space as a regular staircase, without compromising your safety, and the spiralling structure will help you to maximise the space available – no matter how small. 

2. You Can Customise Your Staircase

Another significant benefit of spiral staircases is that, with professional assistance, they can be customised to suit your unique taste and requirements. While you can install your own spiralling stairs if you have the DIY skills, an experienced tradesman can do the job for you to a high standard and personalise the staircase to suit your aesthetic. If you’re not sure where to find the best person for the job, MyBuilder is on hand to help you seek out experienced carpenters and joiners near you. All you need to do is post details of the carpetingjob you require – in this case, a spiral staircase – and local carpenters and joiners will be in touch with quotes. 

3. A Spiral Staircase Can Add Value To Your Property

As well as providing your abode with an eye-catching and highly convenient household feature, spiral staircases can also add extra value to your home. Consequently, if you are planning to sell your property in future, you will not only be gaining an elegant staircase, but a potentially profitable future investment. This is because spiral staircases are seen as a desirable feature and a unique selling point, making them,particularly appealing to potential buyers. Of course, you willhave to ensure that your spiral staircase is entirely legal and meets the requirements of UK Building Regulations, but this shouldn’t be too tricky to achieve.

4. They Can Be Safer Than Traditional Stairs

Any staircase has the potential to be dangerous, particularly to the elderly or children. While this is true of spiral staircasestoo, there are steps you can take that can possibly render them safer than linear staircases – such as opting for high railings and smaller slats. As a result, this type of staircase may be more appealing to families with younger kids. 

5. Your Spiral Staircase Can Easily Match Your Décor

Lastly, spiral staircases can be beneficial for your home as you can choose a staircase that closely matches your chosen décor and colour scheme. This means that, whether you are crafting an ultra-modern minimalist vibe or a more old-fashioned shabby chic look, a carefully chosen spiral staircase can fit right in with your home’s unique style.