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Keeping Everyone Safe Around Your Pool

According to a pool plastering company, if you have a pool, then there’s a good chance that it’s not only the focal point of your backyard, but it’s also the main entertainment centre in the summer months. A pool represents a considerable investment, both in time and money,but one that’s enjoyed by everyone in the family and sometimes even the neighbours.

However, even though a pool allows for tons of fun, they’re also very dangerous if you don’t take safety seriously. Every year we hear horror stories on the news about children drowning in their backyard pool, and in nearly all cases, these tragedies could’ve been avoided if the proper safety precautions were taken.

If you’re putting in a new pool, or if you’re planning on re-modelling your current one, there are a variety of safety measures you need to consider adding if you don’t already have them. Think about putting in fences, nets, and pool alarms as good first steps to making your pool safe and fun for everyone.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the safety equipment you should consider adding to your pool.

Keeping Everyone Safe Around Your Pool


A pool is a tempting oasis in the summer heat, so much so that neighbourhood kids might get the idea to sneak in for a swim when you’re not home. And the last thing you want is for one of the neighbourhood kids to get seriously injured or worse when swimming without permission in your pool; that’s why adding a fence is a necessity. Similarly, installing a privacy fence can be especially important as it will prevent any unwanted eyes from watching you while you take a swim.

A fence is an effective solution for keeping unwanted swimmers out of your pool, but keep in mind that not all fences are the same, and a permanent fence will change the look of your property. Some people might not like the look of a permanent fence, and the installation of one can be quite expensive.

If you’re not keen on putting in a permanent fence, then consider a temporary one that you can remove once the season is over. A removable fence is inexpensive compared to, and they’re easy to remove if you’re having a party and need some more room.

Most removable fences can be installed by drilling a few holes into your concrete around your pool; just be sure to check with your city or municipality as they may have rules governing how high the fence must be.

Most removable fences are inexpensive and will only cost you about $15-$20 per foot, plus installation fees if you’re not the do-it-yourself type. Also keep in mind that when putting in a fence, you’re going to need a gate too. Just remember that even though you could be spending a few thousand on a removable fence, the lives you’re protecting are worth far more than that.

Pool Nets

A pool net extends over the pool area and is an excellent way of keeping kids and trespassers away from the water. Also, a pool net will cost you about the same as a removable fence, but where it differs is that it doesn’t disturb the look of your backyard if you’re concerned about that. Pool nets come in a variety of colours too.

The disadvantage to a pool net is that it does take time to install and take down,and for some people, that’s a hassle. If you’re using your pool a lot — say while you’re on vacation — you’re going to spend a lot of time putting the net on and taking it off. Lastly, you have to be sure that the net is installed correctly or you don’t get the benefit of its protection. Children and pets can and have drowned in pools with safety nets that weren’t secured good around the pool deck.

Pool Alarms

If you’re worried about uninvited guests making use of your pool while you’re sleeping or out for the day, you can put in a pool alarm. There are a variety of monitored alarms to choose from, and you can mix and match several to make sure you’re fully covered.

Here are the top alarms to consider:

Surface Wave Detection — This alarm sounds when it detects an object has been submerged, which is useful if a child or pet falls into the water.

Sub-surface Detection — This alarm is installed beneath the water’s surface and senses when there’s a change in pressure.

Pool Immersion Alarm — These alarms are the most popular because of how easy they are to use and how well they alert people to potential danger. These alarms feature two components: a base station and wristbands. The idea is that the alarm sounds when a wristband is submerged. If you have small children who tend to get away from your supervision, attaching one of these wristbands to them will ensure that you’re alerted immediately should they fall into the water.

Gate Alarms — Just as the name suggests, the gate alarm (or door alarm) alerts you if your pool’s gate or other pool entry is opened; this is a great alarm to have if you’re worried about people sneaking onto your property to take a swim when you’re not around.

While these are just a few of the safety features you should consider adding to your pool, they’re important, and essential first steps in your efforts to make your pool an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone. When it comes to your pool and the safety of your family, there’s no such thing as too many safety features.