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5 Top Tips For A Successful Loft Clearance

In most homes, the loft is a place to store items that you just want out of sight and out of mind, and over the years it can come to resemble somewhat of a dumping ground, containing everything from grandmas favourite crockery collection, to your Christmas decorations, that old garden chair and kids clothes that haven’t seen the light of day in many years.

So whether hauling down your Christmas decorations from amongst the debris left you yearning for a clear-out or you’re just fed up with owning so much junk then here are five tips. 

  1. Hire a skip
    This may seem a little extreme, but if you’re committed to giving your loft a proper clear out then you will be throwing a lot of stuff away. Although you will want to try and donate certain items to charity and possibly sell those of any significant value you will also find that there’s a lot of junk in your loft that is no good to man nor beast. Rather than spending hours sorting this junk into piles for recycling, instead, make your life a bit easier by ordering a skip from a company such as Wastebusters Skip Hire. The skip company will deliver a skip to your front door, leave it with you for a few days to fill and then pick it back up, taking all of your old junk away with it. For this reason, skip hire is a must!
  2. Take it all out
    A loft clearance is an all or nothing endeavour and the best way to make sure that you get the job done properly is to take everything out of the loft and to sort through it in an environment that is lighter and more accessible. If it’s a dry day then outside in the garden can help to blow away the dust and cobwebs, or alternatively, cover your furniture with some dust sheets and bring it all downstairs. Once the loft is clear you can then give it a good clean ready to store things away again. 
  3. Take a note out of Marie Kondo’s book
    Marie Kondo is a professional tidier and teachers her unique KonMarie method which centres around focusing on the items you want to keep and making sure that they bring you joy. This means preparing to throw a lot of items away and breaking ties with sentimental items that you may only be keeping because of a relationship attached to them. Check out some of Marie Kondos advice on her website or by watching some of the episodes of her hit Netflix tidying programme. 
  4. Make an inventory 
    While you are sorting and deciding which items you want to keep it’s a good idea to keep an inventory so that you can easily see what is stored out of sight and then more easily find items when the time comes to retrieve them again. As you start creating your inventory some natural categories may emerge such as Christmas decorations or out of season clothing and this makes it easy to then colour code boxes to their corresponding categories. 
  5. Reorganise when you put things back 
    When it’s time to put things back into your newly cleaned loft space, don’t undo all of the hard organisational work that you have put in on the ground and ensure to order the boxes neatly, so that their labels are visible and try to keep them in the categories they are assigned to. This will make it much easier to find what you are looking for and will help you kee the loft space in order in the long run.