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3 Key Places to Keep Your Fire Extinguisher in your Home

No one wants to think about the possibility of a fire in their home, in fact many people think that it will just never happen. However, it’s not something that you should risk, as having your home burn down in a fire is a nightmare scenario that happens all too frequently (and normally for a very small, simple reason). You can easily prepare for something like this though, all you need to do is have a plan and have the proper equipment close by and ready to use.

It’s very important that you are able to put out a fire quickly, otherwise it might affect your personal safety and cause property damage. This is something which can easily be avoided if you opt for an ABC rated fire extinguisher for your home, as this can help control any fires that might occur. You need to make sure that you put your fire extinguisher in an obvious place, as you don’t want to be running around the house in search of one if a fire does occur. So where should you put one? Below you’ll find the three best places to keep one in your home.

The Kitchen

The most obvious place to put your fire extinguisher in your kitchen. This is where 65% of all fires start, so it is probably one of the most important rooms that you can put one in. Most kitchen fires start due to grease though, and this can’t be stopped with water. They burn incredibly hot, however, by having the right fire extinguisher, means that you won’t have to worry about this. You should opt for a Class K extinguisher and you should be all good, as this is designed to put out fires started by oil. 

You should make sure not to keep the fire extinguisher next to the stove though, as this can cause a problem if a fire does occur. The issue is that if a fire does occur due to you cooking, you will have to reach across the fire (and stove) to reach the fire extinguisher. If you can, you should make sure that the fire extinguisher is about 30 feet away from your stove. Obviously though, some people have smaller kitchens, so just make sure you can put it as far from the stove as you can. 

The Garage

If you have a garage, or a workshop, then this should be the next obvious place to put a fire extinguisher. Garage, workshops or even sheds are typically full of combustible materials, things like gas canisters, oils and cleaning products. If a fire somehow breaks out in your garage, then these are all things that are flammable and could cause a lot of damage. If you work in your garage, then the likelihood of an accident happening is quite high. 

However, even if you don’t work in it, you should still make sure that a fire extinguisher is on hand, just in case. If you work with things that create a lot of sparks, then make sure you have an extinguisher nearby, and that you know where it is. You should also make sure to double check if your fire extinguisher is labelled for flammable liquids, as this is something which could save you from disaster in the future.

Each Floor of Your Home

You can’t predict where a fire is going to start. Although, yes there are more obvious places (like the kitchen or the garage), however, a fire could start in any room of your house, for any reason. It could be faulty wiring, an unattended candle in the bedroom or living room. A fire could start anywhere, so make sure that you have a fire extinguisher on each floors of your home (including your basement or attic if you have one).

You don’t want to risk being unable to find one, and then regretting it later when your home has burned down. If you don’t get these precautions, then you might end up having to deal with a huge disaster. It’s better to be prepared so that these things don’t happen. It’s not just fires that you have to watch out for, there are other household disasters. You can check out this article here about what they are and how you can avoid them.